Will JEE 2020 be postponed again?

This is vague. If NTA JEE mains type thing happens in JEE (A), then people who score mediocre rank are screwed. Adv. being such a tough and competitive paper, normalising the diff. papers is not correct IMO.


But someone said me papers would have been made around dec last year


Yes obviously jee Advanced cannot be conducted in shifts the professor has already told. This is all rubbish. And moreover three papers are made but only one is selected. One paper is kept as second if by chance first paper gets leaked which has never happened again after that incident.


TCS ion does not conduct JEE adv in your city?

For info iiser ptitude test scheduled on aug 12 is postponed


There are even centers other than TCS were given for JEE ADV last year .

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Looks like any news of postponement will come 10 days before the exam or atleast on day of admit card


Or maybe there would be no postponement


It will get postponed.

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IIT D Director says that he believes they'll be able to conduct the exams in september

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Real it full.
Don't go for the heading.
He has said in it "....if the examination gets postponed for some more time. We will be able to accommodate that in our calendars. "

I did read it fully

"I would like to believe we will be able to conduct in September. If we are not able to do that… two batches simultaneously is an issue in terms of logistics. But we will have to see what other options we can consider."

But let's see I'd like it to be postponed too but probably not gonna happen