Will JEE 2020 be postponed again?

This is from IIT BHU. If classes will start in December-January, does this suggest JEE will get postponed again, possibly to November? :confused:

Results, counselling will take some time ,i.e oct-mid nov and probably that is sufficient,
(This might might be sign of postponement)

This is all made in advance if the COVID situation gets better.

When JEE Mains were proposed to be held in July even then all institutes had planned of starting classes by September October.

Everything depends on COVID situation so it is not correct to come to conclusions.

According to me, jee will postpone again this time...


KCET will be conducted tomorrow which has around 1.8 lakh candidates so there's a good chance that Jee might not be postponed

1.8 lakh vs 11.8 lakh, do the maths

Yes multiple of 10 difference that's the point.

Karnataka's state board exams were held in June but JEE was postponed.

I think it won't get postponed.

Bihar has extended lockdown till 16th august

We will see how how well KCET goes in next two days and situation will be more clear

Its not like all 10 lakh will give exam in one state in one day. So students giving JEE Main in one state in one day are less than 1.8 lakh

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KCET got 1.8 lakh candidates , all in one state.In JEE per state candidates will roughly be the same

The biggest indicator of whether or not mains will be postponed shall be the local train availability.We have to see if the Centre extends the ban on trains beyond august 12.A lot of candidates in my state travel a day in advance of the examination by train.Plus my centre itself is 18 km away.Not every candidate has a car or can afford an ola/uber.

They had conducted their state board exams and there are increase in cases because of that.

Okay now I am scared.


You should check out day 2 ... it was more of a massacre

problem with JEE is centres cannot be increased much.. there will be limited centres and also there is problem of travelling... you talk about JEE but NEET is given by all 15 lakh on one day.. i think if NEET gets postponed so will JEE


Recently one professor of iit told that if jee Advanced cannot happen on one day then it has to be cancelled as jee Advanced happens in Tcs centres and they don't have much centres to accommodate students to make social distancing,etc. This is a very big challenge. He also wants jee mains to postponed by some months as he says within two months they cannot make all arrangements to begin classes.

JEE Advanced 2019 wasn't conducted in a TCS center, not at least in my city. My chemistry teacher said one of his old professors from IIT-M said three papers have been made for Adv, which might suggest the exam will be conducted over three sittings...

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