Which program should I consider joining?[POLL]

Which program should I consider joining?

  • BITS Pilani CSE
  • IIIT Hyderabad ECE
  • NIT Surathkal ECE
  • IIT Hyderabad Engineering Science
  • IIT BHU Electrical with MTech in Power Electronics
  • IIT BHU Mechanical(with attempt for Branch Change)
  • IIT Mandi Data Science Engineering
  • Lower Branch in old IIT(with attempt for Branch Change)

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Term 'Lower Branch' should be corrected. There is no 'high/low' branch. It's just some branches have more demand while same don't (because of placement purposes) .

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I meant lower in terms of my preferences(I wish to make career in computer science)

Afaik cse course can be studied by yourself if you have interest in it ..
It just comprises of coding skill..
So imo lower branches in old iits will be good ..
Also if you don't want to go for jobs ..
Then iits with good alumini network will help a lot
What do you think of taking lower branches at old iits ??

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Well if you wish to make a career in CSE then definitely go for BITs or IIIT.
Yeah it's true that you can learn programming by yourself. But if you are genuinely interested in CSE then go for CS. Taking different branch just for the sake of IITs won't help in that case.
Even if you take other branches you can learn CSE but getting to the same level as that of a CSE graduate will be difficult but not impossible


Wrong it mostly comprises of coding skills but there are many different topics apart from programming which are important.


Definitely agree with @Mayank_2019_1

If you are interested in CSE( like coding ), go for BITS Pilani CSE. Yes, you can learn coding side by side. But its different to learn it like that when compared to the fact that you are actually doing only that during those 4 years. You will study what you love. You will gain deeper knowledge and will be surrounded by students who will also be like you, you will know your competition better.


If I work very hard, is branch change possible to CSE? (I know the cutoffs are high, But just wanted to ask whether it is achievable or not.)

What sort of a question is that? Obviously there is a theoretical chance of success, I.e its achievable.

It was achievable for you to get AIR 1. Probability is the highly relevant parameter though..

Around 12/14xx ppl in KGP get 4 year and 5 year cse combined (6 each) 9.87 cutoff for 4 and 9.78 for 5


I mean to ask, whether exams (especially in the first semester) are as intellectually demanding as JEE? That is, if I work hard, attend all lectures, can I get a good grade there(the same sort of assurance cannot be given for JEE because it is a single exhaustive 6 hour exam and is designed to check temperament as well as understanding).

Yes if you attend all lectures, and work hard you can probably get a good grade here.

But there will be enough people attending all lectures and working hard, so you need to have some innate talent that differentiates you from alot of people to reach top 5%.

I know people who attended all lectures worked hard and got top 20%

Theres no guarantee you'll make it to the top 1% needed for CSE, even if you work hard and attend all classes. Statistically it will at max guarantee a top 25% CGPA and on average top 8-10%. Above top 4% mark everyone attends all classes and works hard, and top 2% mark everyone is very intelligent along with these traits and top 1% are truly gifted/hardworking/lucky combination.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Couldn't agree more. Never bank on the branch change. College is not like JEE, you will understand that when you get there. There are a combination of factors that can go for or against. And believe me.. you will loosen up a bit in college.. everyone does. I thought I wont. But there are so many activities and great people around you... college is more than just study like JEE, it truly makes what you become.


The 'lower branch in old IIT' option worked well for me. I chose metallurgy at IIT Madras. As branch change in iit madras happens at the end of the first semester, our branch change results were declared recently. My branch has changed to Electrical Engineering.

Now, when I look back, I feel I took the right decision by leaving BITS.