Which one is better nit Jaipur or nit Nagpur for ece


Need suggestions for which one is better nit Jaipur or nit Nagpur for ece


Both are equally good college.
But VNIT Nagpur holds an edge as it has beautiful campus , Good mess food and responsible administration.
Whereas NIT jaipur lacks in these aspects.
If placement are concerned, Both are equally good.


Though it may sound a bit less important.. While choosing the college, also consider distance from home, ease of commutation from the point of view of safety..
How to go from Railway station, bus stand to college.. Is it safe to go alone from railway station ir bus stand or airport to the college...


You should for vnit nagpur and doing a bit of research, it looks more promising than mnit jaipur.
NIT nagpur v/s NIT jaipur

  • The placements stats are almost same, variety of companies visit like amzon, qualcom, samsung few to mention. The avg package in nagpur is 12lpa, slightly higher compared to 10lpa in jaipur(2018 placement report).

  • Both support good research culture but nagpur definitely attracts better research projects.

  • Academics curriculum is same following the elective pattern as in iits in .It gives you wider exposure to other subjects and gives an opportunity for gaining interdisciplinary knowledge.


VNIT for acedmic and MNIT for placement wise are good


MNIT JAIPUR is better I think .
You can also check by see the opening and closing ranks of MNIT.


If you want good placements MNIT should be your best choice, but placements are good comparably in both NITs, but according to trends of past years MNIT have good placements records, students are placed in good companies.

I think you should choose MNIT


Both these colleges are comparable in terms of placement so you can consider other aspects like campus life, distance from home and as per my opinion Nagpur has a slight edge above Jaipur in these aspects.