Which is the best coaching in kota for JEE Mains only (not advance)


My story so far.
I gave 12th exam in 2017. That time I was only preparing for boards. I didn't gave JEE that time.
Next year 2018 I appeared and got 71 only. Cleared VITEEE,SRM,KIIT,MANIPAL,etc. with a good rank. But I don't want to take admission in private colleges.
I know that I have the potential and I can score 250+ or even 280+ If I'll do hard work.
But this time I can give JEE Mains only.
I am going to kota tomorrow.
I want to know in which coaching should I take admission as I can see someone is suggesting me Carrer point someone Allen someone Resonance.
So what's your opinion which is better for Jee Main.
Allen,Career point,Resonance,Aakash,Motion.
I know coaching will do only 20% of the work rest I have to do hard work.
But I want to know overall which one is better considering study material,batch strength,faculties.



You can zero by way of filtering out..

As per the current trend, Aakash and career point are not one of the best options.., so, you can rule them out..

Remaining are Allen, Resonance, Motion and there is also Vibrant..

The main thing is faculty..

I would suggest you to try to find out, which batch you would get if you join a coaching institute, the names of the faculties.., their reputation..

After gathering this info, you may be in a better position to decide..

Also consider, the accommodation, food option, moral support..

PS: If i were in your position, i would have considered joining a good private engineering college instead of spending another year to prepare.., or a non-engineering option..

Good luck :+1::+1:


First of all i'd say, if you really want a good college, then what for the cost of? You'll be 3 years down the line from your regular routine. Half B.Tech would have been completed by then if you had taken a college first time. 1 year drop sounds very good for those who think they didn't gave their best in first attempt or skimmed through it because of some tragedy. If you could not clear in second attempt, leave it. Move on! There will be many opportunities further, and if there aren't then make one. It all end on you working hard in whichever college you go and you can always have a chance of doing M.Tech from IITs if you want the IIT tag. 2nd drop is way much riskier, just because of more pressure involved, you might end up losing faith in yourself and for the most part of year you'll be alone. You might end up like those people who answer on Quora that I lost momentum in September but i don't regret it because i learn java and all that shit. I am a one year dropper and i know the pain.
My suggestion to you would be, if you really want to appear for JEE Main again, join the best college you can get in, prefer Manipal if you'll getting in and then prepare for JEE Main while in college; you'll be on the safer side, as god forbit if you're still not able to clear the exam due to illness or any other reason, you'll still be at no loss.
The fact am saying all this is that you'll have only one exam to appear for next year, no JEE Adv, no BITSAT. So, i don't think it's worth giving a year explicitly. You can prepare while in college just to quench your thirst of satisfaction.
Moreover, if you want a college like IIITH, you can still get in after 2nd year through lateral entry exam(LEEE). Search about it.
If you've already made up your mind and take full responsibility that whatever be the result after this year, you'll be satisfied, then go with Resonance Kota.


Thank you so much guys.
I need more responses.
I am unable to take a decision.


@Deepanshu_Pal is spot on.
Join any decent private college and develop coding skills and skills required for the industry. If possible also try for IIT through GATE.

You may refer this also:


Anyone, i am in almost similar situation


@Deepanshu_Pal is 110% correct.


Akash Institute isn't doing great in Jee results so you can rule out that possibility.
Resonance focuses more on Jee advanced, so jee mains kind of teaching is not at par.
So I'm giving you an order you can prefer while selecting your college:
5.career point


Having prepared for jee mains and advanced from allen kota i have knowledge about various institutes.
First of all I suggest you that you should look for bigger names instead of small coachings as some of them are fraud and leave half of the syllabus in between.
I will prefer allen for jee mains followed by resonance,vibrant,nucleus and career point in terms of the quality of the faculties. However they can only guide you the hard work has to be done by you only.