Which is the best book to study Thermal Physics for JEE Advanced?


I want to cover Thermal Physics for JEE advanced in a proper way. I had referred to DC Pandey but I feel it isn't complete in theory in some aspects (such as the C_P - C_v = nR relation and that average velocity of gas molecules is 0 isn't mentioned).

Can anyone recommend any good book for Thermal Physics Theory?


You can go with cengage (thermal physics) parts .It cover a variety of questions and deep understanding of topic.

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Physics Galaxy is a good book, as far as theory is concerned.


I would discourage that @Sharad because the book is very faulty and I personally don't feel its wise enough to spend so much time on topics like thermodynamics for Advanced related studies. HC Verma will be the best book to have a grip on the concepts as well as application, and it really gives a good deal of questions to have a hand at.

Apart from that, I will recommend to follow some coaching modules like that of resonance or FIITJEE to get the advanced related matter in condensed form and good questions also, and last but not the lest, Archives to practice previous years' papers.

The two year span for JEE appears to be a long period, but it really is a very short one, so plan accordingly and do not spend a hell lot of time on any one topics. SHM, EMI, and lots others topics are of importance for Advanced as compared to thermodynamics, and yes, Thermal Physics would be an exaggeration, better call it thermodynamics :slight_smile:

@deep_2020 everything cannot be present in a single book, so you can look out for solutions on internet. Stack exchange is a really good website to learn deep things, but I will say, its a lot to read for JEE so do not fill your mind wit unnecessary stuff. Plan and study accordingly.

Do let me know if you have any doubts.

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Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

I have Resonance DLP. So is it advisable to do Resonance + HCV + Prevoius Years Papers for thermodynamics?

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I will suggest you to start thermodynamics with HC Verma only, as it will build your concepts very well if you studied it carefully. After that, you just practice your resonance modules. Practicing previous years' papers is always good because you get to know the feel of questions, but yeah, avoid practicing too lengthy subjective type of questions which were asked earlier in JEE. Practice the recent ones, just for a good hand on the concepts.

@deep_2020 For thermodynamics, practicing past years' JEE papers is purely up to you.
Do let me know if you have any further queries :slight_smile:


Okay, Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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Hello, I would recommend HC VERMA for theory and resonance dlp for further reading and problems.

Thermal physics is a scoring topics in physics and so if you have completed hcv and resonance dlp then you can go for cengage for further practice,

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