Which is the Best book for Organic Chemistry theory?

Which one should I study, to make my concepts rock solid in GOC:
(I have mentioned author names)

  • Solomon's fryhle (Indian Edition by MS Chouhan)
  • Solomons (Original text)
  • LG Wade
  • Morrison Boyde
  • Peter sykes
  • Paula Bruice
  • Other (Please mention below)

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Goc is not in lg wade and solomons


Which book bro?

I use ranjit shahi
Which one you have? Or planning to buy:?

I am confused. I just tried reading pdf's of lg wade and peter sykes. Lg wade has little goc. Peter sykes has much of it but other chapters not very detailed.

I've read lg wade, it's good as a sidebook, not specifically for jee, but it's very interesting.
Did you see cengage:? I didn't used it, but heard it's quite good.

I have cengage, theory is given in a summarised manner, explained in brief. Questions are quite good though.

So should I go for ranjit shahi? @pratyaksh_tyagi
I want elaborated theory. So, is it good?

Does cengage has mind-maps also..?

Yeah it's good. Should I send some sample photos? For goc:? But it has some mistakes
@Manan_Upadhyay once see both books pdf and decide which is better for you

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Sure bro. That would be helpful for sure. Please do when you are free.
I couldn't find ranjits pdf. @pratyaksh_tyagi

Hmm ok ill send some pages
@Manan_Upadhyay did you see cengage?

Yes. Theory a bit less. More of question oriented.

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Morrison boyd is pretty good too, but I had been told it is an undergraduate level book by my cousin (phd student).
But it is good, very good.



Heard for the first time @Naman bro.:sweat_smile:
Please describe the book a little.

New Doc 2019-01-13 18.06.22.pdf (13.4 MB)


I have cengage bro.

@naman I appreciate you if you actually read that. But that book is for IIT JAM bro. Although it might be understandable, it’s not meant for JEE coz one will have a hard time filtering the content of JEE.

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Thanks a ton @pratyaksh_tyagi

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I think I’m gonna give this a try bro. If I don’t like it I’ll return. What say?
Advanced Theory in Organic Chemistry for JEE https://www.amazon.in/dp/9384934607/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_EFZoCbE1RDGKE

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