Which DLP or Online course would be good for a Dropper (Self study)?


I am considering FIITJEE GMP with mypat. But heard many saying their material is somewhat exhaustive and above jee level.
Note that I am currently focusing on Jee Mains only.
Please suggest me some good content(video lectures, aits) and also kindly bear sharing me some tips on how effectively I can study being at home.
I have already done coaching for last two years from Allen.
Thank you.


Hello Daksh_2020
As you have mentioned you are doing preparation at home after taking two year of coaching at Allen
So in my opinion for JEE Main go with video by Etoos because it's depth are more inclined to JEE MAIN and for test series opt for Allen because student base of Allen is high as compare to other so you will get good insight.

And for studying tips
Do selective study first where you are strong still loosing marks and brush up these which is the most easiest way to add more number with less effort....And don't think like this easy I can do it ...if it's then practice it and get completely confident.

And for those topic you haven't covered yet take one source to study and refer few other sources but Don't refer too much and stuck in lots of materials.

And put your all efforts and if it's not working then cover those which is more feasible for you and come to complex topic later....

While attempting paper
Always remember during test series always remember and note down those where you got negative even knowing the topic and brush up it more

And always improvise your known topics to get a best result from these and for uncomfortable topics always note down what required to answer and how much you know and improve yourself at every sitting during preparation.


Hello, if you are considering for JEE MAINS then mypat and FIITJEE are definitely above the required level so I recommend you to either use ALLEN's or RESONANCE's material for preparation.

To be specific about Allen's material you should be thorough with the theory of each and every chapter from ncert.

Solve O-1 and J-M,J-A exercise from Allen's material in time bound manner after completing theory