Which coaching institute has the best revision package?


Which coaching institute has its best revision package?


Go for FIITJEE GMP if you have to do something very extra-ordinary ... Like may be many questions are beyond syllabus even for advance but it is worth a try if you are really thorough through all the concepts and have completed your coaching material. Also, I feel resonance has a good revision package.
Even Pace is okay for revision.
Besides I will suggest first try to find your mistakes in the questions already solved by you and then go for new questions.


Can you suggest me for strengthen my algebra part .
I have no confidence over this topic.


For revision ,I recommend rtpf (rankers year paper file),aits papers and finally gmp (Grand masters package fiitjee).
Cause the above mentioned contains questions which tests your conceptual clarity on subjects. Rtpf and aits are basically available as sets of question papers with muted portions.


Fiitjee provides great study material for revision of Jee . GMP is widely used by aspirants and it has a mixture of all types of problems from easy to toughThe tougher portions of this package help the students dive deeper into the topics for a better understanding of the topic. Apart from this, there are archives and separate problem sets too, for rank improvement. However, some students find it very tough and some concepts might be too tough for JEE level so such questions must be filtered out and left while doing this package to avoid wastage of time and unnecessary pressure.
Then you can try resonance Rank boosters


As far as the revision material is concerned FIITJEE's GMP is undoubtedly the best but I advise you to go through it only if you are thorough with the concepts as it can be very demoralizing.

To start off with revision you can solve the previous year JEE advanced papers and the questions which you weren't able to solve during preparation phase and then move on to FIITJEE's material.