Which centre of fiitjee in chennai is best faculty wise?

I am presently in class 10 and am planning to join fiitjee crp in Chennai and wanted to know which centre of Chennai has the best faculty

We cannot say one center for good faculties as in every center they have mixed teachers ....
Fiitjee Kilpauk is good from my experience so you can opt that or you can even go for Adyar center .
These two are older ones I guess...

But preferably if you end up in top batches in any center of any institute ,they will provide you with really good faculties...so focus more on admission tests :slightly_smiling_face:

i am being told that there are only 3 batches in adyar, one for the four year course and the other two for 2 year classroom course and all three are CM batches...so batch dosent matter only the centre