Which Books will be sufficient for Me for Preparation of IIT in Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics (trio) for both 11 th and 12 th?

Hi ! I am Aditya in Class 10th and will be giving Boards in 2020 and my board exams will be over in one month . I want to Prepare for IIT JEE and I have joined a local Coaching :- Kelvin Institute in Delhi . So I want to know which Books will be sufficient for Me for Preparation of IIT in Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics (trio) for both 11 th and 12 th . Sorry for my Grammatical mistakes and hoping answers as early as possibls

Physics -cengage,hc verma ,irodov
Chemistry -
physical- N awasthi ,RC mukherjee
Inorganic- ncert, J D lee
Organic-solomon & fryhile ms chouhan for theory, Himanshu pandey for ques

Physics - Cenagage series + irodov
Maths- Cenagage
Physical chem - Neeraj kumar
Organic chem - MS chauhan
Inorganic chem- V joshi

Physics - Resnick Halliday Walker, Shashi Bhushan Tiwari, Physics Galaxy (All 5 volumes)
Chemistry - NCERT, Solomons, JD Lee & OP Tandon (PC) for Theory; MS Chouhan, K Kumar, P Bahadur for Problems.
Maths - Problem Plus by A Das Gupta, Educative JEE (after syllabus completion), TMH Series (better than cengage).

I would suggest the following:

  • First complete your package/coaching study material in all three subjects. If you are getting stuck in any topic or subject refer to the following books for concepts/theory(only one):
    Physics - HC Verma / Resnick Halliday JEE edition
    Maths - Cengage or Arihant Books
    Chemistry - JDLee for Inorganic. For physical and organic your package should be enough.

  • Only now try extra books. There are many books, but my suggestion is to keep it simple:
    Physics - Cengage or Arihant Series - do only unsolved problems
    Maths - Cengage or Arihant Series - do only unsolved problems
    Chemistry - Balaji publications- Avasthi, Chauhan and Jaiswal.

All the best

@Aditya_2022 I have most of these books in PDF form , so if you want make a separate thread I will post it there.

Prajwal_2020_1 Bro can you please share Cengage series books in PDF format? Thanks

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ffBUWWMm-7Cm9UFL7a2wOXyySSGH_ist : Physics Books

https://drive.google.com/open?id=15s2EmWE2JW1Irom2ttvwJmSTrYlsiNxO : Maths Books

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bzw8JgxxX7des99K8npuZxq-h3sXJ5lq : Chemistry Books

Bro Prajwal_2020_1 - thanks. These are 2012 edition. Any chance of getting the newer ones?

I suggest you to not go for any books now even if it’s local coaching. Trust me just focus on making your concepts super strong now. By solving similar jee main level questions again and again. Start buying books after Phase 2 or 3 completion as you will soon realise it will be an headache to even complete coaching material. Rest is your choice. After going JEE Main I realised it is not required to solve super tough questions. Just being consistent will secure a percentile after which you can go full swing on jee Advanced.

Sorry thats all have