Which books are best only for JEE mains(not advance)?


There are 2 series of JEE mains books :Cengage and MTG .Basically I am looking for questions .Please explain the features of all the 6 books(3 Cengage and 3 MTG).
So kindly guide me which books should I purchase (PCM)?


I think cengage is basically for advance level.After all book has lots of good questions and have the solution at the end I think which is good.
If you are following any coaching institute then follow his study material that is enough for jee mains.
Otherwise you can follow any book.
The best way to learn is when stuck in any question go through your notes and find the mistake( then it doesn’t matter which book you follow)



Organic Chemistry:-requires in-depth knowledge of all nuances/cases and conditional working of reagents. Cengage has all the cases neatly tabulated due to which you wont need multiple resources.

Algebra:-The Arihant method of teaching math involves bombarding you with a lot of solved examples. It helps in certain areas but in topics like Algebra you may find yourself getting lost. Cengage on the other hand has limited solved examples but a method wise approach wherein the problems are divided into cases which i personally found more helpful Method oriented teaching with few solved examples in topics like sequence and series is more helpful than a bombardment of solved examples which you cannot solve on your own
Physics:- it is best for physics since BM Sharma is the experienced teacher in the field of IIT jee

Best of luck.


During my preparation i came across a very good book for JEE mains maths called JEE Main for Mathematics by Dinesh Khattar pearson publication.It contains a very wide variety of questions with brief solutions enough to help you out if you are stuck.The chapters on permutation and combination,complex numbers is really awesome.
apart from this for jee mains it is better to solve previous years chapterwise books forma any reputed brand with solutions will help a lot but don't buy books which have solutions along with question itself
better go for solutions after the chapter as you will be tempted to look at solutions more.

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