Which book should be preferred for numericals in physical chemistry: Ranjeet Shahi or Narendra Awasthi?

Ranjeet Shahi has lots of subjective questions and objective questions (both Mains and Advanced).
I'm thinking to solve only subjective questions from Ranjeet Shahi. Are they worth it?
Or should I only go for Narendra Awasthi?

IMO N awasthi

Ranjeet shahi is great as well. If you're able to solve whole of it then hats off man. Go for it

That's the problem. The book has way too many questions. For example in Solid State, Ranjeet Shahi has 152 subjective questions and 197 JEE Mains level and 157 JEE Advanced level questions.

N Awasthi has 175 Mains level and 73 Advanced type.
Which book you solved during your drop year?

How you studied Physical Chemistry?

Which book has difficult questions? N Awasthi or Ranjeet Shahi

I did some parts of RS and some parts of NA
difficulty level of RS is much greater than NA. NA is good too. Prefer RS for ionic equilibrium thermodynamics and electro chemistry (the tougher chapters)
Rest you can do NA.

N Avasthi is best in my opinion
I personally used it
Ionic and electrochemistry best in that

If any doubt regarding chemistry then lmk
I just loved chemistry

Thanks for your help. My queries are cleared now.

I want to ask how are the advanced level subjective questions in RS? They seem quite good. Are they actually worth solving? Or they're out of syllabus?

Thanks for your help brother.
I want to ask how are the advanced level subjective questions in Ranjeet Shahi? They seem quite good. Are they actually worth solving or they are out of syllabus?

Solve the advanced level subjective questions after you have solved everything else, in the end. Solve them after you're fully confident about the chapter.

That is what I was thinking. Now my doubts are cleared about this book. Thank you so much.

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You should definitely go for N. Avasthi as this is a great book for solving good quality problems and this is of great help as well.
If you want to refer any theory book then you can refer RC mukherjee as it contains sufficient amount of theory required for jee

Narendra Avasthi is good, give it a try for P Bahadur(GRB).

N Awasthi has a good set of problems. P Bahadur is too much. That kind of book is good for examiner and not for students as one does not have to study one subject. JEE syllabus is too fast and one must not waste time in such books.

All the best

N. awasthi is better as compared to R. shahi as R. shahi as has a lot of problems of a very high difficulty level not mainly required for advanced.Go for R. Shahi if you have full confidence in theory and solved N. awasthi completely.I think that N. awasthi is sufficient for advanced.

Thanks everyone.
So the conclusion is I should only solve Ranjit Shahi if I've time and my concepts are really cleared