Which book other than arihant to do for jee 2020

I am in a drop year and is solving tmh and arihant series parallely is it enough for jee or any other book one should do to score a high marks in maths ? pls suggest

Mathematics for IITJEE by RD Sharma is much better to refer for both problems and concepts.

Go through the previous years JEE mathematics paper. It is a standard level question bank and It gonna help you a lot.

As my experience for maths and physics cengage is best and for chemistry balaji publication books like
Inorganic chemistry - V.K.Jaiswal
Organic chemistry - M.S.CHAUHAN
Physical chemistry - Narendra avasthi

It depends on you.. if are thinking of scoring 300+ then focus books below...
Morrison Boyd (organic chemistry)

Ss krotov and Griffith electrodynamics (classical physics)

Objective rd Sharma, and black book(mathematics)
And any study material of coaching

For scoring in maths practice is the key, so you can refer to the following books:
Ncert for low level questions
Rd sharma
Previous year Jee questions (must)
You can visit some websites such as Toppr,embibe for practicing more chapter wise questions .

See brother the point is not just doing books. JEE preparation is not about just completing a few set of books.

If you go by this route you won't go too far... I'm telling you this by my personal experience. There is no fixed set of books that might be sufficient. It totally depends on your level of awareness about your preparation.

JEE has a vast syllabus. It is impossible for one to complete each and every thing. The important point is that whatever you do, do it properly. Because that's what matters the most. Be confident.

All the best

Ya it is right that jee is not about quantity it is about quality of your approach of dealing with questions u can try any stand book like cengage and stick to concept that's what jee want from us.if u want more than doing previous year jee questions. Try to do without seeing solution as it will improve ur habit of rethinking and ask more from ur teacher of that corresponding subject


Solving previous year questions is a must for understanding the flavor and non-repetitive nature of JEE.

Cengage is a good choice when it comes to Maths. For physics I suggest you to study theory from HC VERMA and good subjective problems can be found in IE IRODOV(be specific with syllabus while solving it)

For inorganic and organic chemistry be thorough with each and every line of NCERT and then go for JD LEE(inorganic) and MORRISON BOYD(organic) and P BAHADUR(physical chemistry).