Which book is toughest for IIT Maths preparation?

I am a serious and hard working aspirant. I have gone through books like Arihant's SK Goyal and Cengage's G Tewani. But I do not feel that confidence and ease while solving questions. My coaching's jee advance test papers have way tougher problems than that. I am currently in 11th and want book reccomendations that could take me to that level. Like physics has Ierodov and chemistry has JD Lee, I also want something like that in maths. Please suggest some super tough book for that.

I think you should try to solve Pankaj Joshi & Vikas Gupta book “Advance problems in mathematics” level 2&3 of this book has some good questions,so try this one.

Dont just directly jump to the 'super tough books' , because you wont be able to grasp all the concepts in that chapter, remember the golden rule , begin with level 1 exercise and continue upto the highest level considering relevant problems.
First you should aim to complete your coaching modules all exercises to make sure you have grasp of all the concepts of that chapter.
So you can try the black book , which @Shaquib has told , i personally havent used it, but heard a lot about it. Apart from that you can try GMP which also has some really adv level problems , prefer starting from objective questions first.
Ask if any doubts..

If you only want some good problem set then :-
Chapter end solved examples of sk goyal is really good.. have you tried those ?!
Also you can try “advanced problem in mathematics by vikash gupta & pankaj joshi “

If you need good theory book with tough problems then you can also use topic wise books by vinay kumar

Can you share your coaching's jee advanced test papers here.

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Shree Balajee Black Book Mathematics

I want to tell you that if you do tough questions only then you will forget how to easy and medium questions instead of doing tough questions repeat the questions given in examples of cengage and do previous year questions repeatedly instead of wasting time on tough questions there is no iitjee paper which asks you only tough questions

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I personally have never experienced such thing , but there’s one thing for sure that just solving tough problems consumes a lot of time and most of these questions do not add much to your marks because they hold relatively lesser weightage .
But yes , if you have reached upto a level where you are confident of a good rank , then these tough questions are the only one which can convert your good rank to a great rank .
So make sure to keep a balance between all type of problem !

@Ankit_2021 you did not find sk goyal back solved examples to be challenging?! Have you tried those out ?

@Ankit_2021 you can try "sameer bansal" also. It also have quality of question with increasing level. But remember one thing before trying tough question that you must have good hand in jee mains type question otherwise it will demotivate you.

Disha challenger can also be a good option if you are searching for quality problems.

yes they are tough but after solving them stands nowhere in front of my coaching's test papers so I want something more tougher

Exactly what type of questions come in your coaching exam then only one can help you in your problem

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Jumping to tough books at once is never an option until and unless you have practiced easy and conceptual questions. First go through your coaching modules then if you want you can refer:
Advance problems in coordinate geometry by vikas gupta
S.l loney publication
Hall and knight publication
I.A Maron

you can try Mathematics for the JEE: Mains and Advanced by manan khurma for some interesting and tough problems, do check out its chapter on P&C its brilliant.