Which book is good for strengthening organic chemistry?


Can I rely on the book by solomons and fryhle ( ms Chouhan ) for theory ?

Which book should be solved for organic?


MS Chouhan should be solved 100% atleast twice all over.

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Along with that I would definitely recommend SN Sanyal (for theory only)
It usually has all the exceptions. And some very nice examples too.


Tbh sn sanyal is useless for jee, almost all reactions are out of syllabus. Go for some other book, sn sanyal is not meant to 'strengthen' your organic chemistry


Any good coaching notes will be sufficient

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Use any one good source for theory(coaching notes or Solomon and fryhle).
For solving definitely consider buying advanced problems in OC by MS Chauhan. This book is awesome..for additional practice you may also choose Himanshu pandey .But if you wish to buy only one..then choose ms Chauhan (also buy solutions manual).


Also you can read little bit of Clayden as well if you have time. It will strengthen your knowledge of mechanisms. Especially read the HSAB principle from there. It helps a lot in solving problems where there are 2 or more attacking centers.

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If I talk about JEE Advanced - the questions do not test a very deep knowledge of mechanisms. The questions are usually framed by combing many elementary reactions together and asking about the product or combing it with other chapters like stoichiometry. Named Reactions(only those in syllabus like Aldol,Cannizaro,Perkin,Hoffmann Bromamide) are very important for JEE Advanced and you should know every aspect of these reactions including their kinetics(order, molecularity and how these change with concentration of substrate). Also for Advanced stick to the syllabus.

However sometimes in JEE Mains you can find some tough mechanism problems with confusing options where some extra knowledge of mechanisms can help.


So Solomon's and a practice book from MS Chouhan?


Himanshu pandey GRB publications


for organic chemistry solomon fryhle is by far the most appropriate book,it is written in a simplified manner and in an easy to understand way. it will strengthen your concepts,so apart from your coaching modules you can surely refer this book


Any coaching study material (like sheet DPP etc..) is enough for practice.

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Do solve your coaching material if you are thorough with the theory.Also be completely thorough with NCERT. After this if you can go for ms chouhan, morrison boyd or Solomon's.


See first solve your modules and practice sheets.if you solve them thoroughly you are well ahead.then if time permits without hampering other subjects then you can go for:
1-ms chauhan
2-Himanshu pandey (grb publications)


For organic chemistry first of all find yourself good notes and if you don't find one then make them yourselves.

Learn the notes by heart including all the important mechanisms mentioned in the JEE Syllabus.

Solve all the previous year questions from organic chemistry topic by topic.

Make a question set from previous years including each topic.
Make sure to attempt the subjective problems of organic chemistry from previous years.

Your coaching would have provided you sheets for organic chemistry. Complete them honestly atleast twice.

After doing all these you will definitely have your own points to remember. Revise them thoroughly.

This should be sufficient to strengthen organic. Rest always listen to your teacher.
Keep practicing. All the best