When will JEE Mains 2020 be held? Poll Now!

Did you get email?

Yes , message too

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I got in promotions ! ....but we can’t conclude anything now bitsat is on august and lockdown as of now is issued for only July month...

What email and message are you talking about?

they had send an E-mail regarding our test center(city) and our application number


Mr sudhir someone earlier posted his talks has mentioned that decision will be likely on 3rd July for exams.

TS EAMCET was postponed a day before issuing of admit card hopefully same happens with JEE Main...It is really scary to go out...let alone stand among thousands of people crowding on the day of a competitive examination


Same happened in march also admit card was to be issued on i think 4april and update of postponed came on 3rd aprol.

bro generally the hall tickets are released 15 days before the exam i.e on July 3rd if the exam is on July 18,
there is no official information that NTA or the govt would be taking a decision on July 3rd and we were made to believe (by the articles and unofficial information)that on July 3rd the decision would be taken.

Yeah but there is sort of a hope because HRD Will be conducting a webinar on 3rd July.... He might say something on that day


NTA has updated their website.

Check news and events section. This could be the guidelines on how JEE would be conducted.

did not see anything different could you give me the link?

they just gave in the news and events section
"coming soon"

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Was it not there before??

This shit is really affecting me. The more I try to get away from this, ignoring the postponement news, more I am drawn towards it. Hope we get notification real quick whatever be the decision and end this


Most likely,a decision will come tomorrow or day after tomorrow issuing clarification.

The only credible source.

Thinking about postponement to much will get you nowhere bro. Study till then.