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When will be JEE Mains held?

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Do you guys think JEE Mains could be held in July ?

I just searched up on NTA and they had announced that some hotel management exam had been postponed.

So what's your view?

There is a lot of pressure on Nta and HRD Ministry as postpone JEE is trending on Twitter, YouTube and also some are signing petitions but our views doesn't matter it's the Ministry that will take the decision


Yes, even I had seen that trend. I guess it also depends on states too. They can't conduct JEE in Sikkim and conduct JEE for Maharashtra students after a month.

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I think that trend was to postpone University exams not jee .

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Bhai ab postpone jee and neet ka trend ho raha hai

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Twitter is used by only a very small section of aspirant and if ministry decides to conduct jee or not on basis of tweets then that will be disgusting.


NTA or HRD doesn't care about tweets itself. I think it doesn't make any sense to conduct exams in July and then start the academic session in December when things are normal.


Ok assume if it is postponed then for how many days u guys think it will be postponed

I guess Mid-September. https://www.hindustantimes.com/health/coronavirus-pandemic-covid-19-could-see-a-declining-trend-by-mid-september-in-india/story-fdzxzPXxIWTDoWVCDj5DhJ.html

Phir bhai advance kab hoga

Khuda aur IIT Delhi wale jaane. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bro agar mall and resturant kul hi rhe h to exam karwane se coronavirus kya hi badhega.
And most probably examination is not going to postpone.
NTA is already increasing shifts and centers to deal with social distancing.

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Bhai that same reasoning could be given to why schools and universities aren't being opened.

I guess these two are unrelated. Malls and restaurants are connected to economy. Schools and colleges not so much.

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School and College are something where students have to visit everyday and you can't really mention social distancing in schools and Colleges.

For me it is kind of love-hate relation, I want the exam but I don't want to write in the fear that someone beside me or even the auto or cab driver, whose vehicle I would use is infected with COVID.

Apart from the final year UG students, delay in academic session wouldn't make us lose out on getting a Nobel prize in physics. For the former it is their job that gets affected.

Bro going to Mall and Resturant is one's personnel choice and on its own risk....
But in JEE ppr you dont have a choice to give the paper or not

@Ankith_2020 bro imagine students using the same stamp and pens is it not risky?

Bro jub thak it is not officially declared (about postponement) we can't decide anything,iske bare me jyadha tension mat lo Bhai..
Let's hope for the best to happen!!

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