What would be a good problem book for revising JEE physics?

One of my seniors, who is my friend, is a dropper and is preparing for JEE advanced.

He wanted me to ask this question on goiit :

What would be a good problem book for revising physics? He has heard of 2 options - Resonance Advanced Revision Package and Shashi Bhushan Tiwari's two problem books.

Can the mentors please say which of these would be a better option ? And, is Shashi Bhushan Tiwari in the syllabus of JEE? I.e, are it's questions relevant w.r.t to JEE Advanced?

He had plans of doing Resonance revision package but he had heard that the questions quality wouldn't be of that good level always. And also please take into consideration that he is a dropper and has 3 months of time with no interaction with the outside world.

Also if there are good alternatives, please do let me know. I've heard of Pathfinder but heard it's not completely relevant with JEE advanced.

P.S - He has solved a major chunk of Resonance DLP package (particularly level 2) along with DCP.

Stop solving other books instead it will be better if he revises what he has done till now tell him to do mock tests at this stage and month mocks tests are more important rather than spending time on reference books

It all depends on the level of preparation and targeted rank that he are aiming for.
Resonance physics rank booster doesn’t contain very different questions , it mostly contains moderate level questions whereas sashi bhushan tiwari contains moderate to tough level of problems and for sure it is relevant to jee .
Pathfinder is not at all recommend for jee advanced. It isn’t that all of it’s questions are very difficult, but for sure majority questions are above advanced level

So , if he are aiming for really good rank then , tell him to revise the book he had solved already and along with it , solve sashi bhushan tiwari

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Thanks a lot bhaiya :slight_smile:

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