What to infer from Mock seat allotments?


Is it correct to say that we will be getting the same or next preference option in the Round 1?
By next preference I mean if I am alloted 16th choice then in the worst case it may go 17!
Share your views!
Is there any chances for 15th choice in Round 1?


Look if someone(whose rank is better than you) changes preference order then it will alter the college alloted of everyone after that person.
You can imagine how drastic effect it may have I.e.
Allotment won't go from 16 to 17 but it will look for option 17's number of student their rank , preference , if their vacant seat or not , reserved or not.If you aren't getting it (like if you placed iitb cse on 17th) then it will go same for 18 and so on.
So from mock allotment you can't really find out what u may get on 26th.


Is there vacant seat*


I talked to my IITian friends and they said that they nearly got the same thing in the actual round. One of them got the just lower one in the list and another got the just upper one in the list (as compared to mock)


yeah I also think 0/+1/-1 are the only cases. not much will happen as such @Supreeta_2019

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Can you tell whether they got their Mock Round 1 or Mock Round 2 choice (incase they are different, as in my case), I want to get an idea, since one has to prepare for whichever college one has to go to

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Yeah, they got mock 2


For future reference, I got my Mock round 1. (Actually I had freeze earlier so I technically didn't get it, but it closed 2 ranks above my rank.