What should be the best revision strategy if preparing for Jee advanced?


What should be the best revision strategy if preparing for Jee advanced?
Should I solve some problem books for revision or something else?
Please guide me.


I can advice you with some of the tips:
You can revise your notes which you made during your class,before starting to revise any chapter,write down the concerned formulas,important reactions and concepts you remember, that will boost up your mind.
Don't touch or practice any new concept during this time,because it will decrease your confidence, and you can't afford to lose your confidence at that point of time.
While giving mock tests imagine ,exam like situation sit for 3 hours, then take 2 hours break then again give 3 hours test and test your capability.
And take proper sleep a week before exam and lastly don't panic


Should I take up problems from a new book . Or should I solve the problem which I had solved at that time .


"Previous year paper", its better than any other problem book. You will have the diversity in questions and will seriously challenge your intellect.
If you have joined any coaching, try to do their advance problem package. But never forget the previous year questions.
Good luck!


If you have joined a coaching then please attend the revision classes they will conduct.

For revision of physics and maths pick a chapter and revise the theory and notes quickly and then solve the previous year jee advanced questions from that chapter.

For chemistry keep revising it daily without fail as it can be a rank decider and then do some problems.

Give online tests having same schedule as that of advanced.


Revision material provided by coaching should be done side by side or all at once


Go through old Jee Advance paper solve just like real jee advance paper after solving the paper find your mistake then go through your notes ,clear your doubts. Try to not repeat the previous mistakes .

All the best .


The best revision for JEE Advanced will be by solving previous year papers. That gives you the best idea about what topics you need to revise again.

You will have definitely written your points to remember.
Keep revising them thoroughly.

Also keep in mind that during the last days before the exam. Don't do new problems. Keep revising the basics and fix your paper solving strategy. Keep calm and stay focused.

All the best


I consider this as final after all your suggestions.

Please finally review it and suggest more changes .


Not mandatory to take FIITJEE materials only, you can pick up any good book (for example Cengage, or DC Pandey) and can try to do the questions from there as well. And yeah, if you stick to this plan with utmost determination then this is SUFFICIENT


Since everyone had said that revision materials is best of fiitjee. So therefore I mentioned that.(Gmp,rtpf,etc.)


GMP, etc are a bit pricy and that's the same stuff. Like they pick up the previous year JEE advanced questions and sort them Chapter wise. That definitely makes the revision easier but that's nothing different than actually solving the papers.


Ok then according to you after solving papers , solving any book is more relevant to solve than any coaching material.


No. Don't misunderstand me.
What I am saying is GMP does helps in revising you advanced concepts and that too smoothly but it's not the ultimate thing. When you will solve an actual Question paper, there would be questions from different chapters. And JEE Adv. exam is something, for which any amount of questions solved of whatever difficulty level is still less than sufficient. So you don't need to restrict to "I HAVE DONE GMP" because you never know, what kind of problems would be there in exam. So, try to do questions from one of the reference books that you feel it suits you the best. GMP is like a question bank, but it is just another form of PREVIOUS YEAR Q. PAPER. Once, you solve most of GMP, and then if you go for JEE previous year Question paper, you will see the questions are exactly the same , even the numerical, MCQs and whatever. So, if you want to Solve more question, restricting to GMPs is not a good idea.

Pick up just One more reference book, and start solving it, along with GMP. I think that would be much better.


Thanks for your guidance.
Will definitely follow it

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What's your opinion between Ashish arora and cengage physics


That's a tough choice.
To be honest I haven't used Ashish Arora, but have heard that it is recommended by many teachers for preparation of both JEE Mains and Advanced. It has some in-Depth concepts and fairly good level of questions that help for preparation.

I used cengage for preparations, as it was available in School library. But, it too was impressive and had a vast number of questions. Few questions were too easy and few were tough. So, it gives you an idea of what your current level is. However, it also gives you proper questions that improves your league in each chapter.

Choose any of the above, but in the end the materials you chose won't matter much. But if you solve any of them till the last of their Question bank, you will be Invincible in that region. Both Physics Galaxy and Cengage are recommended, but I am sorry that I can't help you decide which to peak because I haven't tried Physics Galaxy.

In the end it's all on you that how much you can complete the book you pick.


Did you solve complete cengage that is each and every part(illustrations ,subjective,paragraph,integer,etc.)