What percentile do i need in mains for my desired rank?


I have an obc quota. I need to know what percentile do i require in jee mains to achieve a rank
i) under 20k and
ii) under 15k
(keeping in mind that I belong to obc)
If you could also give me an idea about the estimated marks I'll need to get in order to get the above ranks I'd be really grateful.


Percentile is relative rank and it depends on number of students giving the exam and last year there was a significant decrease in the number of students so it got somewhat changed so it differs and you cant judge it now and also minor differences in percentile will give a major rank difference


I understand that, but just a simple estimation or idea of the range of percentile (like 90-95 or 95-98) would help


See ranks Vs marks changes every year, it depends on the pattern of paper whether it's tough or hard, for example in 2018 145+ was 20k and 155+ was around 15k , in terms of percentile 97-98 percentile will fetch you these ranks .


But This Year 2k19
208 MARKS gave 98 percentile but rank of 19000


Anyone knows cutoff percentile for mechanical in NIT Trichy or Rourkela.


Dont get dependent on marks it will vary according to your shift of your exam it depends on paper and the students appearing what percentile you will get for what marks and there were around 8 batches and consider higher of 2 total 16 batches so it will be varying alot.


The number of candidates changes every year but for a rough estimation the rank which you are desiring can be achieved around 98 percentile.Also please don't consider marks as a category for comparing ranks as they may vary a lot because of the different level of difficulty of paper of each shift.


To have a rank under 20k, I think you should need 97-99 percentile. When I gave jee mains in 2016, I got more than 99 percentile with 7k rank. Although, this number changes with the paper difficulty , there is no correct answer for the query.