What percentile can a marks of 167 fetch me in 7 Jan shift 1 JEE main?

What percentile can a marks of 167 fetch me in 7 Jan shift 1 JEE main?

Is what I think!

But the paper was not that tough as compared to other shifts...So won't it be lesser?

It’s pretty difficult for now to predict percentile but i guess it will be around 98.6/98.7 because most of the students weren’t able to score good in numerical part

I could have scored a marks of about 200 in the paper but I panicked and as a result messed up and scored 167..Now how to improve my preparation?What can I do in the last few months for cracking JEE advanced with a good rank?

You are in 12th right ? So you must be having your boards + mains + adv ( asking this so as to guide you properly )

Actually this is my existing account from last year and I could not change the credentials...I am a dropper and I don't have the pressure of boards...But at the same time ,I have WBJEE on 2nd Feb ..

So right now , for adv you have aprrox 4 months , so if you utilise these 4 months very effective then you can bag a very good rank .

1st your priority should be to complete all the chapters which you haven’t completed yet , and in parallel keep in touch with the chapters that you have already done .

Are you enrolled to some coaching institutions ?

@Ahana_2020 you should create a new thread for asking a questions that’s not related to the title of current thread .

I was enrolled in FIITJEE but nowadays I am into self study...

So for now just complete the chapters which are incomplete and in parallel revise and solve questions from chapters that you have already completed, and if you have access to fiitjee questions papers then you can practise those .
Once you are done with complete syllabus then according to time that you are left with , and your aim and preparation level , there are different set of books that can be used for revision

Thank you so much for the advice...

According to me it wasn't the easiest but yes easier than a few second shift papers! But that doesn't mean this paper was too easy, its just that those papers were harder but this paper was pretty moderate or the normal Mains level. So yeah I think it must be some what around what Shwetanshu predicted. (My Opinion)