What material to solve for Sequences and Series Chapter?

I am a dropper. Previously, in my 11th I had practised sequence and series chapter to a moderate level. Now I have done like 70-80 questions of all in-text exercises in Cengage. What material should I solve now, because I am short in time and also want to finish off the chapter as quick as I can. Should I do previous year questions? Or should I select 20-30 random questions from the back exercise and do them? I also have the TMH book and FIITJEE's material which I had covered 70% of when I studied it in the first time in 11th.I want to build up my proficiency upto Advanced level. Thanks in advance.

Obviously the previous year papers, they are the most important.

Also, do only one book+ one material at a time. Not more than that. For maths, either one also does the work.

For Sequence and Series the first and foremost is the lecture notebook of your coaching. Master your lecture notes. Maths teachers make a lot of effort to make you learn good tricks for tackling problems of Sequence and Series
After that you can choose the Cengage Mathematics Algebra book for more questions. That book has very good problems.
All the best