What is the level of FIITJEE rtpf (JEE Adv)?

So I gave FT-1 today. And I found it a hell lot easier than Allen test series. How relevant is FIITJEE rtpf compared to actual JEE adv.? How much are you scoring (those who are taking it).

Yea ft 1 is pretty easy. Till ft3 it's very easy (I have solved till that only).
Ft 3 was about the difficulty of 2017 JEE. I'm not sure about the others since I don't remember the paper very much.

the more you do the harder it gets, i would advise you to attempt all the questions from all the papers normally, dont do it as a test now, there's no time left and it will further demotivate u

Don't u think solving rtpf as a test makes more sense? Solving normally might take more than 6 hours, but doing it as a test binds u to finish within 6 hours. Generally rtpf is short too, it takes 2:30- 2:45 hours to finish.

i was basically trying to say dont leave any question and theres only 5 days left and including pasrt tests there are 8-9 sets of tests, so thats why tets format isnt efficient if u wanna know all they type of questions that may be asked

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I am not doing part tests. I have done enough practice topic wise. I have also given full test previously but they were all of Allen. As I found them above the difficulty level of JEE Adv , I though of doing something different. I am anyway not giving Allen tests now since the exam centre is really far away from my place. I am mainly attempting tests to finalise my exam strategy.
What do you think I should attempt for this purpose?I have few vibrant full tests . (IRP / H1 batch - any idea about how these are?)
Also in today's test I scored 179(made some really stupid mistakes :expressionless:)
How good or bad do you think this score is?

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Out of?


Bro are you attempting those Part Tests?
I have thrown each and every single Part Test the series had. How are they? I mean are they scorable for a normal student?
Also please help me on how you'd be revising Inorganic in the last few days??? @Praveen_2018
@Aasttha That is a great score considering you made silly mistakes. Work on that part and try to boost up the score up-to 225-230. Would surely fetch you a rank within 1000-2000 range.

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I haven't attempted part tests either. But I glanced thru them a while back and they look almost like the full tests in terms of difficulty.

As for revising inorganic , I made some notes and flashcards while preparing for mains and boards(covers almost everything). Will be revising from them :smirk::smirk:


I have no idea whatsoever about inorganic chemistry. Will probably score in negatives in inorganic chemistry :wink:

I meant ft2. Ft3 was quite good.(in terms of revision)

what chapters did you prepare flash cards? are you like all in all out or revising according to adv syllabus because i have seen that adv doesnt ask only ncert for inorganic chem. mostly questions from extraction, salt analysis and some parts of coordination compounds are asked out of ncert

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I'm revising only those things given in the syllabus. Trying really hard to not go outside what's in the portions.
I made flashcards for those stuff which I forget easily.

Part tests aren't bad in case you want to revise certain topics though are easy as compared to adv level.

Is there anybody who has attempted PT-1? What is a good score in it?

Oh ok!
Although I dont believe my prep is good enough for top 2000. Personally I am expecting sub. 5000 .
Reason is- I know next to nothing in organic and inorganic.:sweat_smile:

hey @Aasttha don't worry! you can cover a lot in organic still. As in next two or three days you can do bits of it! what do you say?
what is your schedule like for the next few days?

Well I have attempted like 3 full tests after mains and I am still not very sure about my strategy for the paper. So I decided to give a paper each day till wed . Thu I have BITSAT and 18-19 I will revise compendiums. After each test I solve the problems I couldn't do and then read NCERT for organic and inorganic. That's it.

Sounds good! How was mains?
Dont worry you will do well!:blush:
Dont do lots of mugging or anything around 18th. Simple revision works! Also start getting good and timely sleep😊

Mains was decent. Got 192. 6980 rank. I am sure I will get CSE in some nit . I want to pursue CSE and I am not ready to compromise branch. As it requires below 1000 rank in advance for getting CSE in IIT I always had no hopes from JEE Adv. I just want a respectable rank since this my drop year.