What is the best way prepare for JEE Adv. in remaining time?

How to prepare

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Currently you should focus on completing your leftover chapters and then focus on developing your problem solving skills by getting exposed to various questions.

For mixed chapter question practise, the best source is coaching institutions questions papers, so you can arrange those and practise

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Can you suggest some books to get at least 6000 Air

For maths- Cengage topic wise book ( don’t solve completely, just solve the intext example and intext exercise of it )

For physics - Same as maths or Dcp (complete)

For chemistry- N avasti , V joshi , Ms chauhan

Will N avasti enough because in it good level problems are very less

For about 6000 rank , N avasti level 2 will suffice .
For even better problems neeraj kumar’s book is the way to go .

can I use arihant series instead of cengage for maths

@Shwetanshu_2018 Bhaiya, instead of MS Chouhan I have Himanshu Pandey. Is it okay to use it? Because I have heard only MS Chouhan when it comes to organic.

You can @Aniket_2020_1, but arihant maths is a bit more tougher than cengage, and it sometimes becomes demotivating to solve it .

Also cenagage helps you to raise from nothing to jee adv level whereas arihant has some random distribution of questions which I personally didn’t find much helpful .

For maths specifically , for everyone ranging from average to good student , I’d recommend cengage over arihant because it helps to build concepts , whereas arihant has great question but i found it a bit difficult to learn concepts from it .

@Samarth_2020 Himanshu pandey is a great book , but usually ms chauhan is recommended because it contain tougher problems and is more for jee advanced . Also there are many mistakes in answers of himanshu pandey ( maybe now those have been reduced , but when i solved it , there were lots of errors )

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Hi there. Seeing your question I hope that you have did well in JEE mains Jan attempt.
For JEE advanced there are 3-4 months remaining... There are board exams also which will consume your time..
For JEE Advanced you can plan your revision strategy like this:

  1. Physics: Revisit all the HC verma theory and problems of the chapters like which are JEE advanced favourite- Rotation,Electrostatics,Magnetism.. I would rather say mechanics and electrodynamics...
    If you were solving irodov revise those type of problems also.. If not solve atleast 10 questions a day of irodov of the above said topics...
    After that you can go with any other question bank you have and solve JEE advanced type of questions daily..
    After that solve the past JEE advanced paper of atleast 10 years...
  2. Chemistry:
    Physical Chemistry: Please solve some problems from N Awasthi or P Bahadur and solve the previous year papers...
    Inorganic Chemistry: Revising NCERT is must.. If you want you can proceed through JD Lee for some important topics...
    Organic Chemistry: Please practice all the reaction mechanisms... NCERT will not work here... instead you can solve MS Chouhan/Paula Bruice for some important topics
    Solve JEE advanced previous year questions... It is extremely important
  3. Mathematics:
    For Maths you can go through cengage or arihant publications it is upto you... practice as many questions as you can... Challenge yourself with hard questions i.e., level up from moderate to hard which will help you a lot..

Lastly, Mock tests and previous year papers
Previous year papers: Although If you have solved them chapterwise I guess you should set up JEE advanced like environment in the last two months sit for 6 hours and practice them
Mock tests: I would rather advice you to take up mock tests in CBT mode. Imagining that you are sitting in real JEE advanced exam.. like this you can boost your rank on D-Day
All the best:)

Does resonance rank booster will help

Resonance Rank booster is also good.. you can also refer to that...
It contains may high level jee similar pattern questions....

Can I you reso rank booster

Yes , you can refer resonance rank booster if you need a book with just some practise questions