What is Resonance Critical Question Bank

What is resonance critical question bank and what is it meant for?
Is it for final month revision ?
Or something else?
how good is it as compared to gmp and rrb ?what is the level of questions?
Do resonance students solve both resonance rank booster and critical question bank in their final month preparation?

Not very good questions

Have you solved it ?but you are in 11?
Can any mentor also reply to my query

I am in 12 th solved physics

I have seen the 2014 version available online but haven't solved it. The ques are average you won't encounter many new questions. It will be better to go for GMP if you have time.
IMO a test series by allen (I don't remember it's name now but I will update it today) will be very helpful at this phase. It has many new ques and it will train you how to encounter new ques in advanced .

Edit- these are allen score papers

@arush_2019 an out of topic question. Can you please tell how much test should I give now as jee is after 2 months.So thrice a week is fine or should I increase this frequency

If the exam is after two month and you are aiming for advanced, one full day test per 4-5 days is fine. And after one month it should be per 2-3 days. And before 15 days daily.

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Thanks @arush_2019

@ arush_2019
Thanks for the above advice
One more question
Can you suggest me any good revision material for physical,inorganic and organic chemistry
Or giving tests would be enough

For organic if you have solved himanshu pandey or ms chouhan or any book it's fine. Try to revise your notes and look up to new ques in tests. For inorganic strengthen your salt analysis chapter and keep revising NCERT and solve the ques which you may have marked . And for physical solve the ques you may have marked from you sheets or any book.
........ . .......
Last year there was a thread where we posted all salt analysis ques try to search that thread it has some good ques and materials