What does 'Mark for review' in JEE Main mean?


In one question during the JEE Main exam, I selected one option and that clicked on Mark for Review and next
Will it be considered for evaluation?

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If you chose the option then it will be considered for evaluation


Yes I have also chosen the option
But in my response uploaded it shows
Status : marked for review
Chosen option : 1
Will it be considered for evaluation?

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Yes it will be considered for evaluation

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Yes for sure it is considered. I had the same doubt in Jan, and since there was no question which I had not attempted but marked for review, I was confused as I had nothing to compare it with. But I asked my friend (and saw for myself this time) that the questions which we mark but do not attempt are shown as 'not answered and marked for review' qhile those qhich we do are simply 'marked for review' rather than an 'answered and marked for review'.


But I am confused because of this

This is given in brochure by NTA


Well, I had more than 10-15 questions 'marked for review' (Which were correct) in Jan. And I got a good enough percentile, which I could have only got when those questions were considered. So I beleive (and I have no doubt that I am right) that we get these marks.
For the rest, you can very well believe whatever you want to.
That's the max I can help you.

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Thanks, I also feel we are given marks but after seeing the brochure…!!

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that mark for review in brochure is when you dont select an option and mark it.