What are your plans for 2 hr break between advanced?


What are your plans for 2 hr break between advanced? Also reporting time is given 7:30, is anyone going late than this?

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Legit break is only for 45 mins. 25 mins lunch. 5 mins coffee. 15 mins nap.

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Fruits and little food,not go home in between

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Do they have proper places where we can eat our food, cuz our centre doesn't seem to have one. Or we just have to find place wherever we can and sit??


Depends on the centre.Our centre has canteen so not a problem for me.


Our centre doesn't even have a shed -_- I'll have to sit in the car and get baked under hot sun.

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Same my centre very bad same centre of JEE main,we'll get mechanical support from ourparents


Let's hope we get a good sleep a day before 7Hrs sleep looks difficulty given the reporting time


make habit of sleeping and waking up early from tomorrow.

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I wake up always 4 o clock in mornings since childhood


Thanks I have been sleeping early and waking up early from last couple of weeks it's the anxiety before the day.
@Raghudevram_Singh nice

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Is anyone going late than 7:30 coz paper starts at 9?


No. Because no one would like to risk for the exam they've studied 2(or more) years for (talking about others, I haven't studied 2 years).
Some centres are strict.


I will give you a full time table of the exam day .

  1. reach the examination centre by 7 am at the latest
  2. entry starts at 7:30 am . By 8:15 am you will be at your system.
  3. 9am -12pm, paper 1
  4. for second paper you have to again report by 1 pm.
  5. in the 1 hour break, have fruit juice and lite snacks. Never discuss the paper with anyone and have some positive conversations with your parents.
  6. 2pm -5pm paper 2
  7. ENJOY

Just take healthy lunch and revive some formula


1)Take a proper sleep before exam, as the exam is going to be very tiring and your brain should function properly, so minimum 8 hours of sleep is required.
2)dont study anything a day before exam. As you will lose confidence.
3)in the gap of 2 hours, try not to eat anything heavy, as you will feel sleepy then. Try something light such as some fruits or bread.
4)don't discuss the paper with your friends.


In my experience I am sleeping for about one hour in our car and then eat some fruits