What are the best physics olympaid books out there?

one of my friend is in class 10th and to brilliant in problem solving without knowing about prmo exam before...
she cracked that exam sir
but now she want to crack physics olympaid to
@Shwetanshu_2018 bro please give a correct order of books from hcv to olympaid book in incresing order which can clear her concept to crystal level....
@Viram_2019 sir, @Azimuddin_2019 sir...

In which class is she currently studying in ?!
Is she exposed to the syllabus of jee or she needs to start from scratch ?

10 th learn from scratch

Then , she needs to first understand the concepts and their applications upto jee level and then for olympiads ( from Inpho onwards ) you simply need to practise some good problems because concepts are mostly same for jee and olympiads .

So , to understand a chapter from complete scratch to jee adv level all she needs is
Cengage topic wise book. This book contains great theory and problem set , solving intext question of cengage will be enough to understand the concepts and their applications and then back questions simply enhances your problem solving . ( especially the subjective question )
So , their is no need of hcv , or any other intermediate book , simply pick up cengage and you’ll understand the chapter from the scratch.( also cengage conatins all the good question of hcv after you are completed with it , you have basically completed hcv as well )
For nsep you need nothing more than this .

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For Inpho onwards , you need a bit more challenging question set ( no extra theory is required except for the some new chapters that aren’t in jee’s syllabus) .
For enhancing you problem solving to a bit more further level you can use classic text series like krotov ( which contains a bit of irrelevant stuff )
But , if you need the best possible problem set that doesn’t contain irrelevant stuffs , but still is one of the most mind storming physics book available , then she can go for “olympiad pathfinder” . I simply don’t recommended this book to everyone because it isn’t meant for everyone, because they will simply waste their time on this and will gain nothing. So if and only if she is capable enough then she should go for this book , if she is able to solve this book then for sure her concept clarity has reached somewhat new level and hence nothing more than this is required .