Thread to share Practice papers for JEE 2020


Common Test-3_26-8-19.pdf (304.0 KB)
Test-2_23-8-19.pdf (409.3 KB)
Answer_Common Test-3 for Two Yr CRP(1921) Conducted on_26-8-19.pdf (52.9 KB)
Answer_NWCMPA920M1,N1,A1,B1,C1 & NWCMPD920A1_Common Test-2_Conducted on_23-8-19.pdf (70.0 KB)


if you have test paper of full calculus.. please upload it


Does fiitjee keep full calculus tests?


yes.. they dristibute cpp


Pls share in my centre I have not got anything throughout my two years
Pls share as much as u can with answers


Pls share kvpy related tests of different coaching institutes.


If I got I will upload


Phase-IV, Paper-II_21-7-19.pdf (415.9 KB)
Phase-IV, Paper-I_21-7-19.pdf (360.8 KB)
122860.pdf (335.6 KB)
Phase-IV, Mains_20-7-19.pdf (496.1 KB)
122860.pdf (50.1 KB)

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Answer_Two Year CRP(1820) Common Test-4_Conducted on_2-9-19.pdf (63.0 KB)
Common Test-4_2-9-19.pdf (344.0 KB)

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@Ankur_2020 please bro if you have test paper of COM or LCD or chemistry physical please upload it


I do not have papers for specific topics. Only those papers which i download from website, i upload here


which website



168.pdf (831.5 KB)
179.pdf (1.2 MB)
180.pdf (1.5 MB)

I had some papers given by my center previous year for jee 2019

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ANSWER KEY_Ai²TS-3_Class-XII_SET-A_Conducted on_9-9-19.pdf (327.9 KB)
Ai²TS-3_Class-XII_A.pdf (823.4 KB)


Aiits 1&2 papers?


How much are u getting? According to me this was the toughest of the three