Thread To Share JEE Question Papers

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Does anyone have Illuminati sheets?

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Can anyone upload their coaching test papers(dropper) which are held till now?
(specially the one with these chapter- mole concept, atomic structure,kinematics,projectile,basic maths,quadratic equation).

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Anyone has chapter wise advanced level work-sheets or questipn paper ?
especially physics...

Ghazi Sir why u need that ?

APT_PAPER1.pdf (971.0 KB)
APT1SOLS.pdf (724.2 KB)
APT_PAPER2.pdf (822.0 KB)

Sharing Resonance Apt-1 for droppers 2020


Guys please upload your coaching papers too

Allen leader test paper held on 7th July
Question Report.pdf (1.0 MB)

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Can someone please upload Resonance ACT1 (Cumulative Test 1) pdf


Does anyone have kvpy mock tests for sx

Share some new questions of there respective institution

Bro paper is not yet uploaded on app.

Ohk, but please send as soon as it's uploaded.

sir if you have some new test series question paper like allen or fitjee please share @ Soumyadeep_2019

122483.pdf (1001.0 KB)

Is there an option to download the papers from the resonance app? Where is it? All I can see is the option to take a test or to see the solution! (DLPD student here)

How much u got in this test

Test paper and solution are available on "reso alert" app.

Can you please upload solution of optics module.

Some will be available on MyPat platform starting tomorrow(But only one day window)