Thread To Share JEE Question Papers


Which paper tell the date
Btw all sol and ans keys are uploaded here

On next day of paper

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This one


Btw in result what kind of batch gave this test, is it top batch ?


12 batches are giving boards so they usually dont give the test
rest all other (repeater) give test (including their top batches(sankalp batches))



@arush_kumar_singh q29 ka sol aur ans key match ni kr rhi, which is correct ?


Soln wala
They haven't revised answer keys in this test..

#281 (52mb)
Jee main mock tests by Career Point


Shri Chaitanya All Tests 2017-18 with solutions:

(Looks like the file didn't upload.)


Are you having shri Chaitanya test papers?
If yes,then please upload it.


Yeah, @Lavesh_Gupta please upload those papers.


@sourav_kumar bro can you tell what kind of file this is? If downloadable, can you upload? That site isn’t opening.


It worked for me


Yeah nvm it’s opening


The file is not uploading her (stuck @ 1%). I am uploading it to google drive then I'll share the link.


Download Shri Chaitanya All Tests 2017-18 with solutions from here:

The file has around 1500 pages and file size around 60 MB.


Bro do you have 11th class papers?

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I was going to ask our sir about the PDFs of tests that we gave in class xi, I'll ask him on monday. I he gives, I can upload.


Where did you get this


Okay. You are amazing. I had been wanting these papers since the past 6 months. Thank you so much

Also how did you get this? You’re in Bansal na?


I don't remember actually, from where did I find them. It was some Google drive, as far as i remember.

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