Thread to share JEE Main Jan 2020 marks

Jee main official answer key and response key is out , all the aspirants can check their marks , and if they wish to then they can share their marks along with the shift that they wrote exam in .

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153 very bad :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
Completely messed math and interger type question
getting only 17 in maths
I hope to get better marks in april
9 jan shift 2


9th jan shift 2 was considered as one of the most difficult paper of this year , and you scored 17 in maths yet , you scored 153 marks i.e you performed very well in chem and phy .
Keep up the hard work @Ankith_2020. :partying_face: , for sure you are one of the best student at goiit , as far as i have observed . Just keep practicing :+1:t2:


Thanks @Shwetanshu_2018 Sir. Mathematics never used to my strong part. In all mock test that I recently given before jee main I used to score around 40 marks in math but I don't know what happen to me in actual examiation . In first 25 min that I spent in mathematics section I was not able to correct any single question which created panic and I ended up messing it. And numerical based questions was easy but I committed silly mistake in around 4 or 5 question .

Getting 205 ..
7 jan shift 2
Committed a lot of silly mistakes..:angry:
Specially chemistry numerical portiom😦


@Ankith_2020 as your credentials says that you are dropper so most probably you won’t be having boards right ! So you have ample of time to work on your mathematics, and also be in touch and improve phy and chem in parallel .
Also make a habit to leave tough questions for once during exam , like if you feel that a question seems new to you then simply leave it for once and don’t feel bad about it , initially building up confidence is very much imp, you’ll observe that if you’ll be able to solve few question without getting stuck then you’ll feel pumped up , and that will make you next few questions even easily, whereas if your start is bad then even simple questions will become nightmare for you .
The above method is something which i tend to ignore during my preparation , and I actually suffered a lot , but finally towards the end of my preparation i adapted this method , and you won’t believe what impact it brings. Trust me , just try it once in any mock test , if you don’t feel any better then you can drop this idea


I think you'll get 99.30 + with that score

Considering your shift was hard you may get 99 with that or in the high 98s

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What is your score

Whose jee main rank predictor is more accurate to that of actual nta

All are pathetic! Use your own knowledge of previous years and you can predict more accurately!