Thread to share JEE Main Jan 2020 analysis and experiences

Best of luck to the students who are appearing for JEE MAIN 2020.

Here you can share your experience about the new pattern of the examination ,difficulty level of the paper, conduction of exam , and analysis of the paper .


How was your exam guys @Gaurav_2020_3 @Ayush_2020_3 @Bhuvanitha_2020 @abhijit_2020 @pushkar_2020 .

Paper was tougher as compared to last year's any paper.


On what basis, were the questions lengthy or hard to think?

Maths was lengthy, chem inorgnanic 2 questions from everyday life(hard) and Physics was very conceptual

They asked chiral carbons in chloramphenicol!
And another one on diseases, I didnt know


what were the everyday life's questions?

how much you expecting?

Is there any questions from amino acid?

No idea.55 attempted with some guesses

No question from biomolecules as such

In physics, how many of the questions approx were from the Mains exclusive chapters?

How are numerical based questions??

1 from semiconductor, 1 microscooe and 1 pooariser

It seems they have asked questions from all mains exclusive chapter

Are they seriously expecting us to remember those structures?


Yes lol

I didn’t do maths well( felt tough)
Physics and chem ok

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No worries guys... There's one more try, you'll definitely do better.

Cl2 + H20 hot tha ya cold?

Hot Clo3-