Thread to share inorganic notes for jee

This is an exclusive thread for sharing inorganic notes for jee .
I am having trouble finding a good and complete inorganic book concise enough for jee pls help
:cold_sweat: time is very less dont give jd lee pls
This might help you.

bro your page showing its private

P block , Coordination, d block

In these notes only ncert reaction and theory Or stuff outside from ncert is also mentioned?

@Hritik_2020 Mostly NCERT , and for inorganic Chemistry JEE never asks anything beyond NCERT except for the chapters coordination compound , chemical bonding and periodic properties , (these require a bit of understanding so you can refer to sources other than NCERT also )

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You should contribute your efforts to this site to access that Like answering questions and asking questions.


Shwentashu bhaiya
Bhaiya pls add for other topics also :pray:


That’s all i have