Thread to share Good Questions from Calculus which requires deep thinking


How to start ???


How to start "which question"

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Limit one bro



You can view my solution here


You can also do this without digamma function


Rohan_Shinde1 can u list some methods like in this case gamma function .,(feymen integral trick)..and many more whichw can help in jee and not that of olympiad type ..


@Sarvesh_Pnchl not relevant for jee..way beyond the syllabus

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@Sarvesh_Pnchl It is wayyyyyy beyond the scope of JEE

@Rohan_Shinde1 @Naman I did it this way ... In the end that limit one is that correct ?


Yep limit is 1

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In this video how sir solved by complex number or is it also some out of syllabus method..



The video was quite short to notice but it seemed he used the Residue theorem(He evaluated the residue at i) around some contour but still it's quite shady. It would have been more clearer if the video was a bit longer.

And if he did use contour integration then it's also out of her syllabus


Off topic question.this out of jee things was taught by your teacher at allen or u learned yourself through use of internet :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:(curious to know) Rohan_Shinde1



Learned by myself by use of internet and some foreign author books.


Ho you got last integral as e^0???

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Please elaborate what method he used to get answer so quickly @Azimuddin_Sheikh

7k per month are they mad or what😅


I too saw this ad. I know a bit of integration from 12th but idk what sir did. Btw off topic: Unacademy Plus costs 7000 rs per month🤣


@Siddhant_Mudholkar Bro I am not getting how they just use I and solve it seriously , I am thinking about contour integrals , but as MC sir did , is way out of my mind . I will tell whenever I got free time from boards preparation


I think sir is doing it to chech the option...
I think there would be some theorem which gives constant term when we put "i" ..
And the last part gives -π

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price of the courses are too high ...:astonished::astonished:


2000 rs per month is good enough. Not more than that.