Thread to Share FIITJEE 2019-20 papers

please share fitjee 2019 aits after your every test
please share here thanks...


Ai²TS-3_Class-XII_A.pdf (823.4 KB)
ANSWER KEY_Ai²TS-4_Class-XII_SET-A_Conducted on_14-10-19.pdf (164.2 KB)
Ai²TS-4(XII)_SET-A.pdf (409.2 KB)

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@Sandeep_2020 i have edited the thread time do add "Thread to share" whenever a sharing page is created.

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@Samrat_2020 bro or other fitjee aits joined aspirants please share your fitjee papers and solution here thanks alot..

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Please send answer key of ai^2ts answer key of ai^2ts -3

please upload aiits-5. Thanks

Please share AITS PT 1 question paper

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Please anyone upload aiits 5 12th class based and if possible please upload aiits 1 and 2 also its a request