Thread to share class notes

this page contain chemistry hand written notes

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maths notes and sheets by MC sir

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physics topper notes

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Can somebpdy send the notes of ionic equilibrium specifically the buffer solution part and salso few questions on it
Supreeta_Sen di

I have shared some inorganic notes on this site. Check my profile.

Qualititative analysis, coordination compounds, p block, d block.


You want notes handwritten or any book will do?
I have N Awasthi and it has satisfactory theory.

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yeah pls post either of them

Sorry man.The book is with my friend and my notes are not written properly.
Search on embibe you will get there.

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no problem Yash_Tiwari1

Can you please upload notes of waves, oscillation and thermodynamics? Would be of great help.

I have someone's notes of waves , i will upload them in some days .


Thank you so much for the notes! I'll refer these for my studies.

I'd really appreciate it if you could send me the handwritten notes of the same topics; similar to what you had uploaded on the website

I can do thermo and waves.

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Pls do share will help a lot

Here's thermo...

Thermo-Notes (29.5 MB)


Thanks a lot

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I am unable to open the pdf . How can i access it.

@Gaurav_2020_3 it's opening without any issues! What error are you getting?

It mentions Cannot display pdf. It is of invalid format.