Thread to discuss Syllabus of Jee Main 2020

In this thread you can ask after confirming from jee main syllabus whether the topic is in syllabus or not

Do questions from aberration (chromatic and spherical) come in jee main?

yes they can ask.

Chromatic and spherical aberration are not taught quantitatively. Also I doubt its presence in JEE mains.
You should not worry about any numerical questions coming from it however it might be a good idea to know at least what these are and in which lenses these occur. They might at most give you two lenses and ask which will show more aberration.

What is the chances that questions regarding which enzyme is used in which process (the processes which are given in ncert) can come?
Asking because this part look more like biology than chemistry

Is steady state approximation of chemical kinetics in JEE syllabus ?

I solved the archives, but haven't found a question using this concept.

no its not @deep_2020