The physics course at our coaching is about to be finished, but my marks in it is not improving

The physics course at our coaching is about to be finished, but my marks in it is not improving. I have BM Sharma to practice, but it doesn't seem to help a lot, even though I spend a good amount of time in reading it's theory and solved examples. I am not able to develop the right attitude for solving new kinds of problems . I need some guidance because I'm not able to understand where I am going wrong.

Do you solve those questions by yourself or do you see solutions for most of the questions ?
Please answer with utmost honesty because only then we will be able to guide you better !

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Physics galaxy lectures could help yu a lot in building up confidence...but time is a factor...if yu feel like yu can cover important chapters from his lectures along with using BM Sharma for only solving...then it will definitely boost yur concepts in physics!


I try to solve by myself at first, but I always find my solution in complete I did not apply the correct concept or I did some calculation error,etc. Moreover, when I solve my question in some other way than that given in the solution and still get the anewer wrong, I go with the given solution in book but don't understand what was wrong in my method. it gets all the more frustrating when i read theory several times yet my situation does not improve.

Sir I have tried my hands in physics galaxy too ..but even after understanding a concept..I am not able to apply it in questions.

Have you tried the advanced illustrations too (from PG)? I personally found that very helpful during my preparation

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So basically you are not able to apply the concepts correctly and hence this situation .

I will recommend you a method suggested by ashish arora sir , that is , instead of solving the solved example by yourself what you should do is put your pens down and read about 20 questions and their solutions , and try to understand it and remember it , then leave those questions for a while and then attempt those questions completely by yourself , you’ll still see there are few questions you are not able to solve .
This method might sound silly but just try it once , this really helps a lot !

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I will definitely try, thanks.
One more thing, bm sharma is very bulky and it takes a huge chunk of time in completing even 1 there a way out? I have solved my fiitjee packages..should I go straight for past year papers? And how much time on an average devote to each question provided I am doing for the first time?

For sure Bm sharma is very bulky , the only thing you can do is instead of completing the chapter from that book just complete some sections of it if you are running out of time like go for the solved + concept application + subjective questions
Or you can even try out dc pandey ! It is adequate as well as something that you can complete in a given time frame

And how much time must be devoted to a question isn’t the thing you should be thinking because everyone has got different speed , as your hold on the concepts will get stronger your time of solving a question will automatically reduce . So in the beginning do not focus on the time consumed rather focus on understanding the questions and after you have reached a certain level of proficiency in the chapter then try to reduce the time you are taking in solving a particular problem .

The last method is you can try is buy Sl Arora book which is both for cbse and jee .

Hello @pushkar_2020,

It seems you have a small trouble in applying and visualizing physics. You might spend a lot of time reading physics, but that isn't going to help. So, what you can do is start visualizing how a process is going on or how in a numerical things are going step by step. Try to understand the numerical at most so you can easily apply the physics in it. And if your theory is fine enough then you will start enjoying physics a lot. Also, don't see solution of a question till you have tried at least 5 times that numerical visualizing it again and again. Then if you still have a problem you refer the solution and try to understand what process actually happened in question from the formulas used.

Still if you find difficulties, ping me.

All the Best!!!

Thank you sir

Just like to add a few things
1.When you try go through solution try to gauge why a particular method was used ,can any other method be used,why certain steps were followed during the calculations.This will help you in future when you solve similar questions.
2.Most important do not worry keep working in the right direction and you will get better with practice.

all tha best

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