Someone share good part tests by coaching institutes

I need some good part tests to practice.I'm having fiitjee aits and mypat tests but they have broken the entire syllabus in only 3 part tests.Someone having part tests of allen resonance narayana etc having comparatively smaller syllabus in each of their part tests then please post.

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You should have bought 15 sample mock tests for both jee main and Advanced from arihant and cengage series i had bought them many months ago still you can see mock tests uploaded of fiitjee some months ago in fiitjee thread. There are 10 mock tests had been uploaded in that thread

@abhijit_2020 bro please if you have phase test paper of dropper this year either compete syllabus or half even..please upload it if you have pdf

Phase test level is not upto jee level do mock papers conducted in month of December its its uploaded in one thread @Sneha_2021, @Achyut_2020 refer that threat to him

See in Thread to Share Fiitjee Aits 2019-20 all mock tests along with aits papers are uploaded

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Those are mostly full tests @Venkat_2020
Do you have part tests of the same .

CT-3 (Main)_10.12.19.pdf (2.0 MB) CT-2 (Main)_10.09.19.pdf (1.7 MB) CT-1(Paper-1)_20.08.19.pdf (1.6 MB) MMT-1(Main)_01.01.20.pdf (2.1 MB) MMT-2(Main)_03.01.20.pdf (1.7 MB) CT-1 (Main)_06.08.19.pdf (1.8 MB) AIOT-1(Main)_31.12.19.pdf (2.1 MB) Practice Test-1 (Main)_14.05.19.pdf (2.5 MB) Practice Test-2 (Main)_25.06.19.pdf (6.7 MB) Practice Test-2(Paper-1)_02.07.19.pdf (1.2 MB) CT-1(Paper-2)_20.08.19.pdf (1.6 MB)

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i have,just say the topics you want...

Actually I want to revise entire syllabus through part tests.
But for now you Pls share calculus,organic and electrodynamics ones.Rest you can upload when you are free.

Revision should be done in two ways told by our teachers one way is by picking previous year questions and doing that and second is doing mock tests,part tests and whatever tests but first way is a must

It will be a great help @Venkat_2020

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06PT(ScoreAdvanced)_15879661470.pdf (187.3 KB)

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Can't share more so don't ask

i can provide chapter wise tests...
FULL CALCULUS.pdf (263.7 KB)
FULL ORGANIC.pdf (622.9 KB)
FULL IN-ORGANIC.pdf (132.8 KB)

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Do you have the narayana one's? @Venkat_2020

which chapters?

These ones :sweat_smile:

ADVANCE 1 phy assignment electrostatics and gravitation.pdf (3.0 MB)
2020-03-30_DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS_DPP_06 (2).pdf (72.2 KB)
2020-03-30_DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS_DPP_06_HINTS.pdf (234.5 KB)
2020-04-02_DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS_DPP_07.pdf (112.4 KB)
2020-04-02_DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS_DPP_07_HINTS.pdf (281.9 KB) 2020-04-03_INTEGRAL CALCULUS_DPP_01.pdf (66.1 KB)
2020-04-03_INTEGRAL CALCULUS_DPP_01_SOLUTIONS.pdf (210.0 KB)
2020-04-04-INTEGRAL CALCULUS_DPP_02.pdf (72.9 KB)