Someone please upload S block and hydrogen notes


I'll be very thankful.Anyone having s block notes of any good teacher plz upload.
@Manan_2020 @Lavesh_2020 @pratyaksh_2019 @Shreyas_2021


I won't be of much help here as my JEE phase is already over...but I have seen that the YouTube channel "V NEET MADE EJEE " do provide good notes in the description check out those if you wish to.


But I will recommend to read only ncert .

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I do agree with @arush_2019 on that point....for inorganic chemistry NCERT is everything! Especially for chapters like s-block, hydrogen etc which has comparitively much lesser weightage in JEE advanced..reading any other additional material is a total waste of time!

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Again read ncert and if you are still not confident do some other coaching sheets


Sorry i dont have them. @sonu_2020
Just read ncert and solve some book like vk jaiswal Or v joshi and write all stuff which is new to you while solving them. ( @ananda_2018's advice to me at jee time)


Thanks @ananda_2018 @arush_2019 @pratyaksh_2019 for your advice .I will definitely read ncert first.

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