Should we learn how to write electronic configuration of all 118 elements?


My chemistry teacher of fiitjee telling we need to study how to write electronic configuration of all 118 elements but right now we are studying only atomic structure do i need i can also read exceptions of cu and cr and till 40 elements now and rest in p-f block chapter and rest in periodic properties right know i am a dropper but i want to study like my method only cant i follow this ?


You can definitely go with the way you feel is more comfortable for you but let me tell you they sometimes ask electronic configuration related questions in jee of d,f block which sometimes are very complex, So go on your pace just dont lack behind


No, it's not really necessary to memorise the electronic configuration of all 118 elements, you need to memorise for only those elements which do not follow the usual trends such as cr.
In d-f blocks also there aren't so many properties, you can memorise them easily.
And go with the pattern you are comfortable in.


Thank you


If you aren't comfortable you can go for the elements till 40 and then study about those which show exceptions from regular behavior. Such elements can be found in the d and f blocks chapters of NCERT. If you have time after all this you can study about all the elements.