Should the JEE advanced syllabus be strictly followed?

This might sound a little noob but is it a must to follow the syllabus word by word?

For instance, while I was revising wave optics there is a category of questions in which the shape of fringes is asked for setups that aren't related to YDSE.

But in the syllabus, it is mentioned that :

So should I cover these other things ? or is it best to strictly stick to the syllabus?

Though this might be a little off track, has the syllabus of JEE advanced been changed in the past?

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@Shwetanshu_2018 @pratyaksh_2019 Please guide us on this

There’s hardly any change in the syllabus the mention .( in recent 5-6 yrs )

I mean is there any major difference in syllabus of the present years and those of 90s (i.e, during the time when JEE was subjective) ?

For most of the chapters , the given syllabus works out, for sometimes a bit deviation from these are also observed , so you should follow the syllabus acc to standards books like cengage.

But if you have not completed much of your syllabus them your first aim should be the exact topics which are in the syllabus mentioned , because that’s what they ask most of the times .

But if you have considerable time ,then go for the syllabus as given in standard books


As compared to 90s , i think there is a considerable change in the syllabus as in which topics and type of questions are being asked

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Thanks a lot!