Should JEE/NEET September 2020 get postponed/Cancelled? Vote your choice!

  • Yes, it should postpone
  • No, it shouldn’t postpone
  • It should get cancelled

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I think this poll would make sense after atleast 10 days. Well, I thought about it hard, and I feel that anything would do. You would have considered 'anything' as an option instead of cancelling the exam. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can we cancel the one who voted for cancellation....


Seriously, people study for 2 to 3 years and want to get it cancelled somehow. #Sarcasm.


My gripe with postponement is how long will we keep postponing it? India is witnessing 55,000 cases rise daily. It's going to take months to flatten the curve, and we haven't even hit the second wave yet. If we keep postponing the exams, we will be under extreme pressure in 1st Year and won't have any free time. And after putting ourselves through hell for the last 2/3 years, I don't want to keep studying 10+ hours everyday in 1st year.

It depends on choice of the voter. A poll must have multiple options for the voter to choose from. That’s why I added an option for the cancellation of exams

According to the director, if social distancing and wearing the mask norms are followed by the students, then there are no reason to complaint. But practising these norms are the main hindrance in conducting the exams. We have already seen the case of KCET. These norms/SOPs look good on paper but practising it is really impossible for our country.


How likely do you think postponement is?

I think exam should get postponed for the sake of lives of lakhs of families. You just couldn’t put a risk to your life. I know that recovery rate is very high but there is some risk factor to health due to coronavirus

When someone gets fed up with their studies it feels the same. It is not the fault of the person , it is the fault of the current situation.


If JEE is held in September, you won't be going to college this year or even have your first year fully online as not everyone can afford a laptop or decent internet connection.

Even the director is making an assumption that if the SOPs are followed there would be no problem. I hope they act more responsibly than those who were incharge of KCET.

Parents have sent a letter to MHRD

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In june also they had send this

They had asked it to conduct in July.

Did anyone see this? Has this been finalised?

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When news for removal of 75% criteria came and authorities said that after a meeting it would be decided and later it was confirmed so you can expect this also gets confirmed as this proposal has been sent after discussing with all the directors of IITS wo have mentioned a reason that 7th round only helped student to upgrade their branch and no new student got a seat so it didn't has that much impact on vacancy of seats in IIT.

Although removing rounds from counselling isn't a solution to compensate the time lost due to this pandemic