Should I worry about FIITJEE AITS Results?

I could only manage 90 Percentile Rank( 1k rank ) in FIITJEE AITS PT_1 ( Advanced ) , one of the major reasons for my poor performance was the fact that half of the syllabus of the Chemistry portion hadnt been taught yet ( Since Im a dropper )
Should I be worried about my prospects of getting into an iit with such marks ?!


See, its nothing that should bother you so much that you cant focus or you get disheartened. You should sit down and work out a plan right now as to how you should cover things. Try covering chemistry on your own too atleast basics from ncert. So that next Time you do a bit in it. See take it as a base and a lesson. Learn from your mistakes And try improving with every test. Give more papers on your own for practice.
Dont be sad, its fine, it are you preparing in general?what books? You are in fiitjee right?

The FIITJEE AITS are usually much harder in the start..but as Full Tests start, the level drops down to almost JEE level, though it's still harder. And a 90 percentile rank isn't bad at all

I would like to inform you that FIITJEE AITS is really demotivating for many. During my time I too was really demotivated by their tests. I would like to share something that my teacher himself said during the class regarding AITS translated into English. --

The test is designed to demotivate, the large question paper size (almost impossible to complete in a given time) and large scary questions make students give up. This is done so because we want to show students how much they still have to learn (he was referring to the usual out of syllabus and those questions in chemistry based on exceptions.)

But I believe they should not do this as me myself and you too feel demotivated.

Yes, the paper level is too tough. Also, I would like to suggest making a strategy. You must have noticed that apart from the top 20-30 rankers everyone's marks are really low still they secure a rank in the 100's by low I mean 60% (during my time) now I believe to assure you entry in an IIT you need a rank equal to 250 or better in AITS (Don't worry I will share how you will) The cutoff score for this rank should be approx 45%. All subjects have equal weight so you do not even need to study chemistry. Only by studying Physics and Maths, you can achieve about 40% (assuming nobody scores full marks in any subject we are setting realistic goals here, you spend less time on chemistry so you can cover more topics in physics and maths). The marks you secure in chemistry should boost your score to at least 45% and anything above that is a bonus to push your rank towards the top 1000's.

Now, this strategy made a lot of assumptions and used a lot of data I used during my time, you might have to modify the strategy according to your class and the rest in India. For example, the cutoff for 250 ranks could be 50% or even 40%. Use the result PDF of ranks provided (If they still do so now) or ask people about marks of toppers and other ranks.
Studying NCERT will not help in AITS as their questions are way above that level. A good practice of either Himanshu Pandey or MS Chouhan for chemistry and similar books for other topics is needed. Even then results are not guaranteed.

Apart from this, you should know your target, i.e. JEE Adv. and not AITS. The strategy above will only help in AITS. For JEE Adv, you need to study NCERT and grab hold of previous year's questions from somewhere (FIITJEE has it included in its study material) it is the single most valuable resource for chemistry preparation. If you have solved each and every question of 30 years by yourself. Your preparation is really solid.

In the end, I would like to conclude AITS is not a reflection of the actual score you will get in JEE. My friend in FIITJEE gave AITS (JEE Mains) only once and got a score of 130 while his actual JEE mains score 3 months later was 261 with 99.77%ile.

So chill and study hard!