Should I take Hindi or Computer in class 11 (keeping JEE in mind)?


I am little bit confused about which subject to take as additional hindi or computer in class 11. In order to prepare for jee.?

I think , computer will require more time compare to hindi , therefore it will eat up my time .

Hindi is pretty much straight forward .

In my school we get Python as programming language.


IMO hindi ..
Rest suggestions are welcomed ..


Why don't u consider physical education / economics..


python is easy u can choose cs also


I had taken computer science as my fifth subject in class 11.
In my opinion , Computer science is quite an interesting subject. Along with python programming , you will learn about softwares , database , SQL , communication technologies. So , for me it was a good break when i was fed up with pcm. And yes , it requires some extra efforts from ones side . although one can prepare it in less time ( like i studied for 1 day before CS tests , although it takes more time for exams :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Programming you can learn by attending school classes but for the theory part , teachers usually give notes and make us highlight important points which saves us from reading the entire text given in the book . If you study the past papers carefully, you would find the the same pattern of questions repeat every year, so preparing from past papers is also benefiting.
As @Yash_2019 said it is easy , so dont worry ! initially it may appear overwhelming , but you will learn it soon .
As for hindi , i dont know much , but if you are comfortable in writing section of hindi , then it is not a bad choice either. Others who had taken hindi may guide you on this part.


Hello ,
I will talk about a few pros and cons of taking Hindi or computer science then I'll give you my suggestion, then I hope this will help you to choose what's best for you
Pros, 1)it is an easy subject as compared to computer science, so not much effort is required.
2) you can give more time to other subjects such as physics, Maths and chemistry.
3) you can study this a week before exam and get good grades.
Cons,1) it has no future scope in the field you are going to take that is engineering.
Computer science:
Pros, 1) if you want to pursue engineering in computer science field then taking cs will help you a lot as you have to do a lot of coding afterwards.
2) you will have a slight knowledge about the coding culture which is very prevalent in engineering colleges these days.
3) python is a comparatively easier language, so it won't take much of your efforts,you can easily get good marks.
Cons,1) it will take more time and effort as compared to Hindi.
2) its a completely new subject ,so it will take some time for you to adjust with it in the beginning.
So, clearly you can see that computer science has an edge over Hindi, so I'll suggest you to take computer science.

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obviously CS,
You don't want to suffer in you programming course in your first semester after you joined your dream IIT. Even if you don't get your desired branch during admiision you can ensure high possibilities of it after your first semester. All the best for your Preparation.

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What I think is hindi would require more effort as syllabus is vast and is tough to score.
Whereas in CS, syllabus is limited plus the questions in boards are repetitive and easy.
So, it will be high scoring


As you're going to persue B.Tech in future, It'll be really good for you to choose CS over Hindi. You've to go through the "computer programming" in your 1st or 2nd semester no matter in which IIT or NIT you'll be. It's quite nessesary to have a good knowledge in CS for any Engineering student.

•Considering the recent situation, if you're choosing Hindi, then you've a vast area to cover as it's syllabus. Basically it's a language and so, you're expected to have particular grammatical idea, writting skills in this language.
•But CS in schooling level is just an introduction to CS. It's limited and precised course. It will provide you the basic idea that gonna help you out during your college.

From my perspective same effort is required for both of the subjects. But CS has it's own value in your future. So choosing CS over Hindi should be preferable for you. Jee preparation will not be affected for this at all.

All the best for your JEE.


Hi pranjal,
I want to share my example with you, I had choosen hindi in class 11th, and now whenever I think about the past I realize this was the worst mistake I had ever committed. But but at that time class 12th marks have a good Weightage in calculating JEE rank.
I had scored 95+ in every subject and 65 in Hindi. I was totally stuck because of this subject.
But now there is no Weightage Of boards in JEE.
So, insist of thinking about the boards your focus should be on JEE, that means more time for PCM.

Computer science will take your good amount of time as you can't just begin it week before exam. You have to read it frequently. You can start CS anytime and can easily learn during your engineering, so don't think about that, it will happen when the time comes.

Go with hindi and learn it before the exam, devote more time to PCM.

All the best :slight_smile:


Hi pranjal_2020
Here comes my best suggestion for your quiery.
As you are aiming for jee, it is better to reduce external subjects load which are not jee subjects.
Compared to Hindi, computer science is a bit harder and time taking subject in your current level. Moreover in future ,your engineering program you will be getting familiar with the basic computer science programs.
So, comparitively I hope it is better to choose Hindi that will not add any load to your jee preparations.


Hey! Hi.
Well, I think I can answer your this query. I am studying at Indian Institute of Information Technology Nagpur and being in an IT institute, I would suggest ahead with Computer since in Engineering Curriculum and well as future Career, Python is a hotskill and is one of the most demanded skill. So go ahead with Computer which will help you in Engineering Curriculum and also make you build your skills further.



My suggestion would be to go for a subject that would be equaling scoring and give good returns afterwards. If you have JEE in your mind, you should go for computer science.

  1. All the engineering student need to learn fundamental programming or should be well versed with computational skills as after 4 years of grad the thing that you will look for is placements and computational skills are always given an upper hand.

  2. Hindi is a language subject so it would be easy to learn but difficult to score i.e ever heard of scoring a 100 in any language but cs would be like maths if you write the logic correctly you will be awarded marks.

  3. Computer science in class 11 would be very very easy as you quoted its python you can easily have a hand on it within a month and as I told you its like mathematics so it's based upon your logic.

  4. Lastly, Let hope you clear your JEE but what if due to some XYZ reason you miss out and thought of joining BSc or something, there also computer science marks will be taken into consideration, not Hindi as in place of language you would already have English.

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I think you should opt for computer. Python is a great programming language and it will definitely help you if you thinking about pursuing computer related field. Hindi might sound scoring but python is no different. You can easily score above 90 in boards and will be a great push in your coding skills.


It's highly recommended to take Computer Science in high school. I remember very well that at my time I had two options one was physical education and the other was computer science. People usually say that why to add unnecessary extra burden by taking CS and just concentrate on JEE but trust me I had taken CS and I don't regret my decision.
CS curriculum is really easy and it's not a burden. You must go for it as it will make your college life easier. You will not regret your decision.