Should I take drop or partial drop(and join a state level college)?


Hi, I am sahil my parents forces me to take in state level clg and take partial drop but I want to take full drop for jee. I got 140 something in jee 2019 and didn't qualify advance so should I take drop or partial drop? Pls guide me


Hey Sahil,
The best thing that i can suggest in this case is do what you feel is right considering all the circumstances. No one can guarantee you a good JEE score or what future might bring for you. Make your own decision so that at the end of the day you could be content that you made the decision for yourself.If you force yourself into something that you don't want to do you might just end up being sad.
So, best of luck. Make the right choice.


hi sahil just want to add something to above answer
1.Keep in mind that most of the state colleges have a rule of about 70% attendance for classes so you may be wasting a lot of time there if you cannot study in a crowded classroom. you need to study a bit so to pass the college exams (most of the 1st year syllabus is class 12 level only)

So if you genuinely feel that you could have scored better on your current preparation and somehow could not and have a very clearcut step by step plan that you want to improve in some specific topics using some specific strategy then only go for a full drop

if you are slightly unclear then keep a college as a safe option as suggested by your parents.

i would like to quote a line from some web series "Maa-baap ke decision galat ho sakte hai par unki neeyat kabhi galat nahi hoti"



Keep this in mind "No one can judge you better than yourself ". I have seen many friends who have gone through either partial drop or full drop.
one of my friend who took admission in some nit but next year got admitted in IIT Roorke . At the same time another friend of mine who decided for a full drop wasn't able to even qualify jee advance.
So i would just say that, first introspect and if you believe you could do better , go for a full year drop. But if you have even a slightest doubt, i would strongly recommend not to waste one whole year because later in your life, this one year experience in your job will add great value to your profile.


The decision is fully yours, if you are determined that you can study with full enthusiasm, full concentration and if you can give everything for your jee preparation then for sure you can opt for full drop, and for that you need to convince your parents, because this can be a life changing decision. Partial drop doesn't turn out to be successful for most of the people because, in college also you have to face mid term examination then end term exams, practicals, viva and what not and in this kind of environment, you can not fully concentrate on your jee preparation.
So think before you take any decision.


Hi sahil,

I will suggest you to do what you are interested in, if you think you can achieve the thing that you were unable to last year, then you should go for the drop year for sure and if you think that you will face the same situation as last year then take admission in college.
But keep in mind that you must do only one thing at a time college and preparation for JEE/NEET can't be managed and you must be single minded to make the best out of your work. Managing both the things will make the things very difficult and tidiuos. You will end up everyday fully tired which will effect your health and eventually on your very results.
So, if you have to take a drop year just take it and convince your parents I assure you that if you explain them with full confidence and make them feel that you can really do it next time then they will be agreed. Because, they were with you all the time then why don't they will be agree if you are fully focused on your goal, it may possible that you didn't
explained them with confidence and don't let their expectations down in next year and they will be more than happy for sure.
If you are taking admission in college then enjoy learning and have a happy college life also do studies, and in college there is not that much study and you get plenty of time to spend on yourself.

Keep believing
Keep studying
Good luck!!


Hello Sahil,

Mostly the chances of clearing JEE after taking a partial or full drop differs from individual to individual. I know a lot of my friend who had a better score before dropping and also a bunch of people who improved their rank.

Base upon the scenario that you have mentioned:

  1. Usually, the first year of study is always a bit tiring cos of the subjects and other activities,
  2. Attendance requirement of the colleges, most colleges have 75% attendance compulsory.
  3. Academic pressure depends on college to college.
  4. Your schedule and commitment to your studies.

You need to manage all the above stuff if you are thinking about taking a partial drop.

If you are thinking to take a full drop, then make a good schedule for yourself, stay focused and never lose your target usually things get repetitive, boring and the momentum usually decreases.

so decide accordingly, sit with your parents and convey your decision.

they know you better than anyone else. STAY FOCUSED | ALL THE BEST


So as an individual who took partial drop I want to share my experience about the same :
First of all if you are taking a partial drop be ready for a very hectic schedule.
Know that there are chances are high that you might fail in both the things - you kind of get crushed in between them.
As others pointed out one of the major issues is 75% attendance in many colleges. In my case I was lucky to escape it by some jugadu means.
Next if the college isn't nearby (as in my case it takes 3 hours for a round trip) then be prepared to get exhausted.
Third thing, there will be many things distracting you from JEE in college- Like the cultural and sports festivals , Techfests , Hackathons, friends, etc.etc.etc. Colleges have a whole pool of activities that you might have missed during JEE days.
But you shouldn't loose focus. Even if you fail you surely will learn something - At least you might not have that regret of not trying one more time.
So my point is that it might become tough but then if you are mentally prepared thne you can do it .As the saying goes - "Nothing is impossible!"
But at last it is upto you- your potential --- But I would not recommend anyone to take partial drop !

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