Should I solve resonance sheets (coaching) or HCV+ previous years


I am a dropper currently studying at Resonance


Sheets as in Daily Practice Papers?

why not both? Of course Previous year papers are important but Sheets are not to be ignored. Sheets cover a lot of different kind of questions which have the potential to be A POSSIBLE Question. The more question you solve the better you get.
Go for Sheets everyday but at the same time, pickup a suitable time for you to solve the Previous Year paper.


Resonance provides both the problem booklet and dpps(daily practice problem) first try to complete this, then you can solve hc Verma,to solve more problems, If time permits. As doing resonance sheets only, you will get to solve many questions,which are sufficient. And apart from booklets do previous year problems.


You first go for reonance materials and dpps..they are the best.they cover many questions of hc verma and previous years.
Then you can go for hc verma and previous questions if time permits.
All the best.


Since you're a dropper...
First and foremost you should go for Previous years and then go for HCV. In your case you have to do syllabus of 2 years in 1. So you have to be more careful while choosing the material you solve. I haven't seen the sheets of resonance but as per my coaching experience... I would say that they might be helpful for preparation but you'll have a lot to do.
So choose the material to solve wisely that you don't waste time and don't compromise other parts of the syllabus

All the best



Personally speaking, I believe building concepts is a prior need before getting on to solving questions. I believe you should start topics from HC Verma first and then after you know all the basics and the ways of tackling problems (or more specifically, when your mind is a bit trained at solving problems) then you should go for the Resonance Sheets or DPPs, whatever you have with you. I don't think you need to specifically solve past JEE problems, but yeah, having a hand at the past five-six years' problems would be cherry on the cake!

Resonance's DPPs, Practice Sheets, etc are already very intensive, so if you have spent considerable time on them, you can leave the latter one. Also, keeping in mind that you are a dropper, so I believe you will be having some basic concepts clear, so you can straightaway start with the DPPs, Study Materials, etc that are provided by your coaching, and can refer to HC Verma's text in the case you feel the need to get some theory and background of the same in your head.

Do keep in mind that you need to complete the syllabus of XI as well as XII both in your drop year, so just have a look at the time you are spending on a particular topic and study wisely.

All the best for your studies, feel free to ask any doubts regarding PCM, or even counselling here, any time, we are there to help you 24x7.

Do let me know if you have any further queries :slight_smile:

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